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Montgomery Grabbar - sales

BSS10 – Waterloo

Reading Time: 21 mins New customers… where can you find them? Using social media and other digital methods to find your future customers has it’s fair share of risks and issues – privacy being a good one to start with.

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What are the keystones in business?

Understand the business assets beyond the balance sheet? Think Keystones

Reading Time: 5 mins To be in ‘control’ of your organisation you need to ‘understand’ what makes it up. The Keystones are a logical grouping of elements that support your organisation. Keystones provide a structure, support prioritising and makes sure you’ve considered everything before starting your Initiatives for improvement.

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Contacts are an Organisational Keystone

Contacts help your vision – in your organisation, not your eyes

Reading Time: 3 mins Do you perceive your Contacts as an important organisational Keystone?  You should, as without them you wouldn’t have customers, suppliers or be successful.  What is the Contacts Keystone and how is it applicable to you and your organisation? It’s easy to think that Contacts is a list of names and

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