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Save at least 30% of your compliance costs

Gydeline makes abiding by regulations and standards simpler so you can save money and focus on your business.
Compliance Cycle

Compliance is complicated . . .

. . . but it doesn't have to be hard

There is so much to consider.  All you want to do is grow your business, focus on delivering what you do, maintain your cash flow and keep your customers happy.

Laws and regulations add a burden which is sometimes overlooked, misunderstood, or even ignored!  Is yours an organisation that makes one of the most common compliance mistakes?

Our free guide explains the 5 most common compliance mistakes and helps you avoid them.

Which option will you choose?

1 Be an Ostrich

Compliance options be an ostrich
This is the option that many organisations take – not finding out or ignoring the things you have to do by law is not an option and could lead to fines, damaged reputation and even prison.

2 Be exploited

Advisors exploiting compliance
Using expensive consultants and advisors puts them in control of your budget and priorities. How do you know they are doing the right thing for YOUR business?

3 Be smart

Gydeline smart compliance option
By subscribing to Gydeline you are in control of the things that are important to you. You know what needs doing next and pay a fraction of the cost of other options.

What do we do?

Gydeline is a software company with a difference. We have created unique online tools to help businesses become successful and profitable, using tried and tested methods to enhance and simplify compliance, policies & procedures. Pulling on years of knowledge and expertise, Gydeline is the Gyding hand any business would need. We care about your business, we want to keep it simple and we don’t want it to cost the earth. 

Let's break this down

We aspire to deliver the compliance service that all our customers need. This means:
Simplified defined
Compliance defined
Compliance for all

How we do what we do

1. Discover what's important
We start with what's important and unique to you and your organisation. We don't assume a one size fits all approach to compliance.
Choose your priorities
2. Simple assessment
We collect information via an easy to understand set of questions. You can work through these at your own pace.
See it action
3. Clear actions
You are given a clear, simple set of steps you need to take to become compliant. We will support you in doing these yourself or you can pass specific instructions to specialists.
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4. Support all the way
Ask us any question at any time. Our specialists will help with any questions that you have via faq, forums, chat or email.
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5. Continually updated
Don't worry about what has changed - we do that hard work for you. If a regulation changes - simply revisit your dashboard and actions to see what you need to do.
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