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Want to make a positive impact but not sure how?

We believe that everyone has a part to play in creating a sustainable planet and society. Every individual and organisation has a responsibility to do something.
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Sustainability is complex . . .

. . . but it doesn't have to be hard

By taking small steps together, the issues that are currently facing the people and prosperity of the planet can be resolved.

We help people and organisations make balanced choices which consider the needs of the planet, others and create prosperity for all.

Our services

Sustainable Business

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Gydeline Consulting

We help organisations make their systems, process, policies and finances more sustainable.

Sustainable Technology

Planet Devices
Planet Devices

Our devices automatically save you money and energy and make you more sustainable.

Sustainable Entertainment

Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show

A fun look at the news and issues that are affecting our people and planet.

What do we do?

Gydeline sustainability consulting leverages the information, services and software we provide to improve the impact of organisations on society and the planet. By using our services, customers get systems, features and outcomes that give them huge value and contribute to sustainable prosperity for all.

Let's break this down

We aspire to deliver the sustainability service that all our customers need. This means:

Efficient systems. . .

. . .and technology

delivering balance

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