Brand Overview

Gydeline provides a range of information and devices to help individuals and organisations meet their sustainability aims.

Changing the way sustainability is viewed

Gydeline aims to be recognised as a leading provider of sustainability information, advice and devices.

We will be an organisation with which others will want to partner and people will want to work for due to our unique, enjoyable and supportive culture. Our “growth for all” philosophy will mean that we will always develop the business for the benefit of everyone, not just for profits or shareholders.

Our "Why"

To  make organisations simpler and better, so that they can be more sustainable and happier. Our devices show your impact so you can improve what you do for the prosperity of all.

Our Aims

  • To change the way energy is used

  • To promote sustainability as a business enabler

  • To entertain and spread the messsage of sustainability

Our Objectives


  • We will employ the best people and they will be paid well​

  • All stakeholders will work within our Contribution Aligned Rewards Environment​

  • All employees will be shareholders


  • We will be a global company with a base in Cornwall

  • We will be known as a Cornish Company


  • Our core values will remain at the centre of the business always​


  • Everyone will be part of our success - employees, customers, partners, shareholders​

  • We will seek to reduce our impact on the planet

  • Innovation is at the core of all we do

  • We encourage and support our employees in achieving their personal goals​


  • Everyone in our organisation will be responsible for delighting customers​

  • We focus on what we're good at and use quality partners to deliver the rest​

Our Values





Our Voice

Gydeline Brand Voice
We endeavour to conduct all our communication using plain english.

We don't like:

“Blue sky thinking”
“Thinking outside the box”
“Maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions”
“Low hanging fruit”

We prefer:

“What new ideas do we have”
“Think differently”
“Work online and offline”
“Let’s do the easy stuff first”