Green Elephant

The Green Elephant, and in particular the Green Elephant Show are the entertainment outlets for the Gydeline sustainability services. The aim is to provide a fun look at sustainability issues whilst also trying to raise awareness as widely as possible.


The design aesthetic for the Green Elephant is a mirror of the main Gydeline brand. Clean, simple design and colours. The base for everything is the same as Gydeline.

Green Elephant Logo

An extremely simple design, using the standard header font and featuring Eco the Elephant.

Green Elephant Show logo

Eco the Elephant

Eco is the start of the show and a variety of illustrations are available. These are featured across the Green Elephant website and social media.

Eco the Elephant Emojis
Eco the Elephant standing and pointing left

An inverted or outlined version of Eco is also available for use on dark backgrounds.

Eco the Elephant standing and sitting
Eco the Elephant with baby