Remove your compliance worries

We provide the simplest route to understanding and managing your business compliance

A single subscription to our service provides all you need to improve your governance, policy, process, risk and to become and stay compliant.

A subscription to Gydeline. . . .

Very simple to use

Saves money

Expands your appeal

Low risk

Stay current

What's included . . .

  • Assessment against over 200 compliances
  • Clear, understandable actions
  • Compliance database to see what applies to you
  • Chance to achieve "Accredited by Gydeline"
  • Downloadable compliance materials
  • Price fixed for duration of subscription
  • 10% discount on advisory services
  • Library of policies, processes and guides
  • Review of your documents
  • Dedicated 1-1 advice
  • Compliance discussion group
  • Online compliance courses
  • Free access to all software, course, database updates

This means you can . . .

  • Focus on growing your business
  • Provide a better service to your customers
  • Have confidence in your compliance position
Delighted compliance robot
Happy waving compliance robot
  • Gain the upper hand on your competition
  • Make the best use of your time and money
  • Reduce your risk of regulatory action
  • Simply explain where you are and what you have done
  • Explicitly demonstrate your compliance
  • Be more successful
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What are the steps?

  • Conduct a dynamic assessment
  • Know your actions
  • Focus on what you need to do
  • Mitigate your vulnerabilities
  • Initiate specific actions
  • Update your assessment
  • View status for each regulation
  • Notified when status changes
  • Guidance automatically applied


Gydeline takes the underlying regulation or standard and applies this to your organisation’s specific circumstances. This is done via a set of assessment questions.

The questions have been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, with further explanations & guidance available in the event that you don’t know an answer.

Take Action

Actions occur in the Gydeline system as a result of  your specific responses. The actions view enables you to see details and specific steps your organisation needs to take to become compliant. Actions are closed by marking them complete or updating the related assessment.


At the heart of Gydeline sits the compliance dashboard. From here you can view and navigate to all the information relating to your compliance status. 

The overview area provides details across all sources quickly giving key information about compliance and exposure positions. It also gives a quick view of progress in assessing the organisations status.