Delivering success

We believe running an organisation should be simpler. We are experts in ensuring you do the things you have to do and simplify or remove those you don’t.

You have systems, policies, processes, software and technology which distracts from growing your business and serving your customers. That’s what we fix.

Our service aims

Some problems we solve

Knowing and following the rules

  • What rules do I HAVE to follow?

  • I need an ISO certification. Make it easy for me.

  • How do I reduce the burden of regulation.

  • Will I get punished for what I'm doing?

Inefficient use of your money

  • Am I spending too much for this system?

  • I don't have time to find and select the right software.

  • How do I find better suppliers?

  • Am I getting the best value from what I have?

Organising your business

  • I'm not sure of the best way to organise my business and information?

  • I need anew system for a new client.

  • I'm really confused about how to join up all my software, processes and information.

  • Is there a better way of doing things so I reduce my impact on the planet?

Using information effectively

  • I don't know if we're meeting our goals and commitments.

  • I don't know what risks I'm carrying in my business?

  • Where am I compared to my peers, industry, sector or environmental standards?

  • Things are so complicated. I don't know how to communicate them simply and clearly.

Being more focused with time

  • I don't have the time to dedicate to meeting standards and regulations.

  • I don't have the skills or experience I need and it's too expensive to hire.

  • I only need someone for a few days.

Becoming more aware

  • I have to provide mandatory training to staff.

  • Show me and my team so that we can do things ourselves in future.

  • I can't find the right coach or mentor.


Who do we work with?

One of our company values is “Better” – we are fanatical about providing a high-quality service to our customers and leaving them delighted with the outputs they receive.

We aspire to work with forward-thinking, flexible, high quality small and medium enterprises who want to do the best not only for themselves but also for their people, their customers and the planet.

To deliver exceptional service means that we can only work with a select group of organisations at any one time.

If you believe your organisation has the desire to work with us to our high standards then we would be delighted to hear from you. It starts with a chat and possibly a coffee where all we are seeking is to understand you, your problems and whether we might be a good fit for each other. 

Ready for the next step?


66% of consumers willing to pay a premium for sustainable products and services

Source: Neilsen

Our service areas

Audit and Assurance services

Audit & Assurance

Helping you follow the rules.

Supplier and budget evaluation services

Budgets & Suppliers

Getting the most from your money.

Technical, process and systems design

Design Services

Making technology, process & governance easy.

Information and reporting

Information & Reporting

Know where you are, and where you're going.

Skills, resources and support


Skills, expertise & knowledge delivered direct to you.

Gydeline Learning Academy


Education to grow your impact.

Resources and products to support your organisation


Products to help you get where you're going.

Business entertainment


Have fun whilst learning and doing.


How do we do this?


  • Understand what makes your organisation unique, special and valuable. 
  • Show you where your organisation currently is, clarifying gaps and where it needs to get to.
  • Confirm or implement good, simple, clear organisational governance, policies and decision making.




  • Matching systems, compliance or sustainability to your existing business plan.
  • Identifying and weighting actions by strategic benefit
  • Detailed project and task planning.


  • Produce and implement simple, sustainable systems, processes, documents and designs.
  • Establish practices so that future systems and technology are also simple and sustainable.
  • Clear, simple communication to all stakeholders on the nature and benefits of change.



Service breakdown

Gain certainty and reduce your risk by using one of our pre-built package of services.

Audit & Assurance

  • Data Protection Kick Start

  • Business Policy Collection

  • Compliance Gap Analysis

  • ISO9001 readiness

Budgets & Suppliers

  • Supplier analysis

  • Supplier leverage

  • Systems cost optimisation

  • Supplier selection assist

Design Services

  • Simple Systems Kick Start

  • Software & process integration

  • Cloud service optimisation

  • Simple Systems Gydebook

Information & Reporting

  • Business impact report

  • Business compliance report

  • Custom business reports

  • KPI & Dashboard creation

Support & Expertise

  • Business simplification specialist

  • Virtual Data Protection Officer

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Sustainability Director


  • Policy Management 101

  • Sustainability coaching

  • Employee Data Protection Training

  • Subscribeline


I don't understand what policy is or why we even need it?

Our Policy Management 101 course is the perfect way to get started the right way with policy. Avoid common mistakes, know which policies are needed and why and discover how to write simple, usable policies that add value to your organisation.

Training course
Document Collection

Already know which policies you need? Don’t have time to prepare them all yourself? Our business policy collection is a complete set of required and common policies – of course in our simple Gydeline style.

Most regulations, frameworks and certifications require some sort of policy. If you need a hand understanding what these are or if you’re wondering if you’re existing policies are up to scratch then Gydeline can help. Our experts will bring of years of experience to deliver you simplicity and delight.

Joined up systems

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