Pathways to a more straighforward efficient enjoyable profitable sustainable business

Pathways to a more simpler better happier sustainable business

Small changes.
Big Impact.

We help organisations understand and implement sustainability. You will save money, gain an edge on your competition and engage positively and transparently with customers. 

Sustainability Direction
Balanced Prosperity

What do we do?

Gydeline sustainability consulting focuses on the areas of maximum return  required to deliver your goals. Our areas of expertise and focus are:

How do we do this?

Sustainability projects fail unless all stakeholders in your organisation understand and are committed. We pride ourselves on the simple, clear nature of our communication. By being transparent at all stages of our work, everyone understands what they need to do, why it is important and how it relates to the sustainable benefits the organisation is seeking.

  • Understanding what makes your organisation unique, special and valuable. 
  • Provide you clarity of understanding on where your organisation sits in it's sector and geographical context. 
  • Further clarity on gaps and weighting for where your organisation needs to go next on it's sustainability journey.

  • Matching sustainability to your existing business plan
  • Identifying and weighting or actions by strategic benefit
  • Detailed project and task planning

  • Establish the sustainability principles by which decisions in the organisation will be made
  • Enshrine principles in easy to understand and usable policies
  • Communicate and educate stakeholders on the content and value of policy

  • Review and improve processes across the organisation in line with sustainable principles
  • Produce sustainable systems and technical designs
  • Establish practices so that future systems and technology are also sustainable

Good governance is all about clarity. We ensure that control of sustainability projects is easy and clear for all. This is supported by effective, timely reporting which presents the most important information when it is needed.  Transparency of information and simple processes used by everyone ensure that benefits are obvious and easily explainable.


66% of consumers willing to pay a premium for sustainable products and services

Source: Neilsen

What outcomes do you get?

Impact reduction

  • Measurable reduction in CO2​

  • Reduction in plastic and other waste

  • Improved environment for your people

  • Clear understanding of your position vs others

Target benefits

  • Reduced cost and increased revenue

  • Engaged and committed stakeholders

  • Demonstrable ROI for sustainability spend

  • Alignment to UN SDGs, national and industry standards

Organisational improvements

  • Clear, understood and usable processes

  • Efficient, sustainable and maintainable systems

  • Sustainable technical strategy and design

Plain White Pencil

Who do we work with?

One of our company values is better – we are fanatical about providing a high quality service to our customers and leaving them delighted with the outputs they receive.

To deliver exceptional service means that we can only work with a select group of organisations at any one time. Currently we restrict ourselves to 10 customers to maintain our exacting standards.

If you believe your organisation has the desire to work with us to our high standards then we would be delighted to hear from you. We start with a free alignment call to discover if your organisation and what you need are a good fit for us. 


Current capacity

Gydeline is currently working with some fantastic, high quality organisations on their sustainable systems, processes and technology.

of 10 customers

Next availability expected


Our service areas

Sustainability audits

A view of your entire organisation, graded and scored with actionable insights

Supply chain assessment

In depth look at your entire sourcing and delivery network to ensure it supports the aims of your organisation

Waste audit

Assessing the impact of everything discarded in the course of running the organisation

CDP reporting

Providing the information and evidence needed to satisfy investors and stakeholders

CSR & ESG strategy

Embedding ESG into the core of your organisation and matching it to your vision

Engagement & Culture

Delivering commitment to sustainability by training, coaching and mentoring all levels of the organisation,

Footprint calculation

Measure where you are now, the reductions you need to make and plan for how to get there

Communications review

Ensuring internal and external perception matches your strategy and continues to align all parties


Our fixed offerings

Gain certainty and reduce your risk by using one of our pre-built package of services.


A low risk way to get started with sustainability, understand your position and receive some baseline data and pointers.
Typically 3 months


Building on the findings from Discovery and aligning to your organisation goals to create sustainability plans that work for you.
Typically 6 months


Turning strategy and plans into agreements that meet both internal and external needs whilst remaining simple, relevant and usable.
Typically 9 months


Making the strategy and decision you have made work for you in the long term by implementing efficient & sustainable processes and technology.
Typically 12+ months


We also provide sustainability leaders and directors

If you want to stay focused on your organisations core mission then Gydeline also provides resources who will act as ongoing sustainability leads. Often we can bring experience and capacity to bear more effectively than employing someone.


Price transparency

We want to be completely open about the cost of our services. Normally we would add a price here. The nature of the work we do, the differing scopes, complexity of organisations and number of people that need to be engaged all have a bearing which would render any price here useless to you.

By way of indication, we provide small one-off fixed price outputs for a few thousand pounds. We also have customers who take a retainer services for a few thousand pounds a months.

Register interest for alignment call

A no obligation, exploratory call to discover if our organisations are a good match and if we can provide the high quality, sustainable outcomes that your organisation needs.