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We have services that identify what is important for your organisation so that together we can make things simpler and focus on your success.

Tailored to your needs

Sometimes you just don’t have the capacity or skills to do what is needed to improve your organisation and keep compliant.  We believe that good business, with compliance, is something that needs to be woven into the culture of an organisation We have structured our services to support you in learning, adopting and embracing better ways of working.

Every business is different; some need lighter advisory help and others want a full support package.  We have designed a selection of services which can be tailored to provide the support you need, all underpinned by our Gydeline Method and software dashboards so you can see exactly where your company is on its journey.

We know that you need to control costs, so we have sought to be as open as possible on our pricing.

Wherever you and your organisation are on your way to compliance, growth and success, Gydeline can provide clear, concise and simple advice.

Audit and Review Services

The range of rules and regulations with which organisations need to compy can be overwhelming. Our compliance audit service provides a simple way for businesses to understand where they are and what they need to do.

Due diligence is becoming more prevalent as organisations seek to check that those they are working with are compliant and are delivering services as agreed. Gydeline can support these checks and provide evidences and responses.

Quality business documentation is key in making your organisation appealing to others. In addition it provides evidence that you are compliant and helps to automate and enhance regular activities.

Advisory Service Bundles

The 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 is a key change in the way organisation should be approaching personal information.  We have two bundles to get you started and to support those that require a Data Protection Officer.

With a vast experience and knowledge of Information Technology, Information Security and Enterprise Architecture, Gydeline have formulated bundled services to get your organisation’s systems truly supporting your Vision and Values.

As business becomes more digital, enabling your People to be the most effective and informed needs attention.  We have developed a number of specialist intranets which support organisations drive to be efficient, effective and informative.

Gydeline Guardian - protecting your business

Everything we do is based upon the Gydeline Guardian. This allows us and you to have common understanding of the critical elements or “Keystones” that underpin your organisation. 

Working together we can then improve your organisation, processes, documentation and compliance in a structured way. In turn this also helps control and manage the risks in your organisation.

With all the foundational Keystones in place you are then free to focus on growing and scaling your business.

More details on the Gydeline Guardian can be found here.

Diagram depicting the Keystone Guardian

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