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We’ve been on all sides of the table. Buying for and selling to all sectors, industries and sizes of organisation.

We understand that your budget is limited. We also know that you are willing to invest in the right suppliers and services.  

We ensure you get maximum value from the money you spend and work with suppliers and partners who are aligned to and can help deliver your vision.

Supplier and budget evaluation services

How Gydeline can help

  • We ensure you get best value for your money

    Whether it's new or existing suppliers, we find the best people for you to work with, leveraging the supplier service to deliver maximum value for your organisation

  • Only spend what you need

    Do you have more suppliers than you need? Are you spending money where you don't need? Could you get the same services for less? We optimise your budget and leave you more to spend growing your business.

  • We give you confidence

    We know your time is precious. We have decades of experience in sourcing, selecting and managing supplier relationships. Not only do we save and optimise your money, we also save your precious time and resource.

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Supplier Analysis

Supplier Analysis

Ensuring you are getting the most value from your existing suppliers and spend

Procurement Support

Procurement Support

Taking the pain out of finding and assessing new suppliers

Due Diligence

Supplier Due Dilligence

Ensuring your suppliers are following the rules and will not harm your brand

Target Strategy

Simple Supplier Strategy

Let us take all pain out of your supply chain by finding, managing and mapping the best providers for your organisation


A challenging situation

A typical Gydeline customer does not have a blank canvas to work from. They have built up systems and suppliers over many years and often need fresh eyes to highlight the inefficiencies they have. 

The Problem

Growing an organisation over many years often means a piece-meal approach to buying things and choosing suppliers. The result is often budgets which have grown organically rather than in a controlled manner, suppliers whose deliverables are not well defined and overlaps between the services delivered by multiple suppliers. 

Our approach

Our Simple Systems Model gives us a framework to build your optimum environment. Which suppliers do you ACTUALLY need? Which are you missing? Where are you spending too much. An initial gap analysis is followed by prioritisation to deliver the maximum value to your organisation first. Further due diligence, optimisation and procurements results in optimised budgets.


Organisations that work with Gydeline experience many positive outcomes. In the budgets and suppliers space these are mainly measured time and money saved. This translates into more time for you to focus on you core business. You’ll also understand more clearly which suppliers deliver which service and the value they bring to your organisation. The outcomes continue and are wider and more intangible though as the suppliers become aligned to your vision, understand what levels of service and quality are required and what their specific scope is. Ultimately this all leads to a better service for your customers and more prosperity for you.


The benefits of our Budgets & Supplier services

  • Find the best/better suppliers

  • Understand where you are spending too much

  • Capacity to find and select the right suppliers

  • Understand the value of your suppliers

  • Driving the most value from suppliers

  • Avoid supplier overlaps

  • Free up money to spend elsewhere

  • Clarity on why and which suppliers you need


Get our Simple Supplier Map

Simple Supplier Map

A framework tailored to your organisation, highlighting the suppliers you need, matched to the services you need. Along with recommended suppliers for these services.

Low one time cost of £99*

Optimise your finance

Do you know if you have the right suppliers? Do you know if you’re spending too much? The simple supplier map is your start to a reduced cost, optimised supplier estate. It also ensures that the services you buy are matched to your organisation and your strategy.

This map is for you if:

This map is not for you if:

* The cost of this report will be refunded for consulting customers


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