Helping you know where you are, and where you're going.

Avoid information overwhelm with our simple, straightforward reports and information.

We provide simple, quick information on where you are now and provide clarity on the things you need to focus on next. 

Our simple service does not require heavy financial or time investment but will help you focus your resources where they are needed most.

Information and reporting

How Gydeline can help

  • We make information simple to understand

    In a world where endless data business reports can become overwhelming and useful information can be hidden, we keep things simple and the key messages from our reports and information remain clear.

  • We help with all the bottom lines

    Yes, your financial success is important to us. But we do not forget the impact your organisation has on your people, your community and the planet. Our reports and information always reflect sustainable business practice.

  • We know SME organisations

    As an SME ourselves we know that resources are tight and that skills, budgets and time are not what they are in Enterprise sized organisations. We are totally focused on delivering fairly priced solutions, aimed at SMEs in a fast, clear and simple way.

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Sustainability Impact

Sustainability Impact Report

Effectively communicate your organisations impact on people and environment

Managing Data

KPI Management

Gain control of your goals, targets and business performance

Business Policy Collection

Business Policy Collection

A set of 60 common policies all in our uniquely simple style

Website fixing

Website liability audit

We will check your site for issues with data protection, security, distance selling and other key regulations


A challenging situation

Many organisations begin their journey with Gydeline from a position of uncertainty. We recently worked with a non-profit organisation with a very ethical core who were confused on where to start with the broad topic of sustainability, had limited time and financial resources and just wanted some clarify.

The Problem

Sustainability is becoming a very over used term. To some it means environment, for others it’s zero waste yet others still think it relates to people and if you’re counting the numbers it might mean keeping the organisation financially stable. In truth, it can be all or none of these things. As a certified B Corp and B Local chair, we have lots of experience in defining and measuring what sustainability means for different organisations. We’ve interviewed many high profile organisations such as Finisterre, Innocent Drinks and Danone on our Green Elephant podcast. We, therefore, understand the myriad issues that organisations face.

Our approach

We start by assessing an organisation against the many different areas of sustainability. Next we provide a very simple understanding of where they are, what they need to do and importantly, prioritised for their business needs. Finally, we join everything together in a simple straightforward system.


Organisations that work with Gydeline experience many positive outcomes. Principally these can be measured in time, resource and money saved. This translates into more time for them to become more sustainable or to focus on their core business. For interested organisations we continue to support them through certifications such as ISO & BCorps.


The benefits of our Information & Reporting services

  • Gain absolute clarity on where you are

  • Understand the risks you may be carrying

  • Priorities and next actions specific to you

  • Priced for SMEs

  • Awareness of your impact

  • Documents & Policies that are actually useful to you

  • Simple, fast delivery for SMEs

  • Gain confidence that you are doing the right things


Is your website operating illegally?

Website information audit

The vast majority of websites do not comply with data protection, distance selling or disability laws. We check to see if yours is one of them and tell you how to resolve it.

Low one time cost of £99*

Reduce you liability

Gone are the days when you could post anything online. Your website must comply with many legal requirements. If it doesn’t you could face action from regulators as well as unhappy customers. Our low cost website audit will enable you to stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers happy.

This audit is for you if:

This report is not for you if:

* The cost of this report will be refunded for consulting customers


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