Help you make technology, process, governance and sustainability easy

Running and organisation is a complicated thing to do. There is so much to do and remember across so many areas.

We aim to make the complex simple. We have ways to make the rules, policies and systems you have simpler and more effective. 

You can remove your confusion, understand how policy, process and systems join together and make your organisation more efficient. 

Technical, process and systems design

How Gydeline can help

  • We make things work together

    You get documents from lawyers, a finance system from your accountant, email from your IT provider, marketing software and bespoke systems. The only problem is they don't join up or work together. That's what we fix.

  • Get value from your existing system

    Without exception when we start working with customers they are not getting the most value out of their systems. They are not driving efficiency, not using all the functionality and worst of all, paying twice for the same service. That's what we fix.

  • We support SME organisations

    As an SME ourselves we know that resources are tight and that software, systems and services are not always priced or aimed at SMEs. We are totally focused on delivering fairly priced solutions, aimed at SMEs in a fast, clear and simple way.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Systems Design

Understand where you are and where you need to go

Cloud Advice Service

Cloud Advisory Service

Optimising and saving you money on your AWS, Azure or Google environments.

Legacy improvement

Legacy refresh

Taking your old systems and making them work like new

Process Manager

Virtual Process Manager

Let us streamline and improve your process and systems estate.


A challenging situation

At Gydeline we always find customers with disjointed systems and process. Software and systems have been procured ad-hoc and as well as overlapping functionality they do not meet the actual needs of the business.

The Problem

Most organisations grow organically instead of being designed. By the time an organisation realises they need to get some order into the way they do things it is often too late and a very costly retro-fit can ensue. Systems are bought, software configured and data entered. Unpicking this is often the right thing to do but small organisations with limited budgets are afraid to tackle it.

Our approach

We start by assessing an organisation against our very easy to understand Simple Systems model. What systems, processes and technology do you already have, which do you need and which have you outgrown. At every step, you are in full control and have full clarity on where you are, where we’re going and the steps being taken to get there.


Organisations that work with Gydeline experience many positive outcomes. Principally these can be measured in time, resource and money saved. This translates into more time for them to focus on their core business. The outcomes are wider and more intangible though as the organisation becomes confident that it is well organised, have the systems it needs to support it’s vision and the control to ensure this is done efficiently in future. Ultimately it knows that it is better placed than it’s competitors.


The benefits of our Design Services

  • Confidence in systems which are proven to work together

  • Flexible enough to fit your organisation

  • Simple to understand - we won't baffle you with technology or jargon

  • Business outcomes before technology

  • Cost effective access to deep knowledge and skills

  • Simple, fast delivery for SMEs

  • Priced for SMEs


Get the Simple Systems Model

Simple Systems Model

A guide to the systems you need in your business. Fully detailed with the supporting process and underlying software and technology required to ensure your organisation runs smoothly.

Low one time cost of £99*

Everything in place for your business

Do you have all the systems you need? Do you have more than you need? Do they overlap? The Simple Systems model is the detailed guide to systems, processes, IT and software for small and medium sized organisations.

This model is for you if:

This model is not for you if:

* The cost of this report will be refunded for consulting customers


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