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How Gydeline can help

  • We provide the skills you don't already have

    It is difficult to find the specialised skills that Gydeline provides in compliance, IT, policy, systems and processes. Hiring is risky as you will need to fund the additional costs of employment. You will also need to train those additional skills that are not available in a single person.

  • We enable you to be more efficient with your time

    We specialise in systems, processes and compliance. We can give you answers very quickly. The alternative is to work things out for yourself which takes you away from what you do best.

  • We support SME organisations

    As an SME ourselves we know that resources are tight and that skills, budgets and time are not what they are in Enterprise sized organisations. We are totally focused on delivering fairly priced solutions, aimed at SMEs in a fast, clear and simple way.

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A challenging situation

At Gydeline we have acted as the Data Protection Officer for many organisations, including some care homes and universities. When requests come from those outside these organisations, specialist knowledge is needed to deal with them to ensure compliance with the law and to maintain good customer relations. 

The Problem

A customer came to use having inadvertently shared (via bcc email) results of an individuals assessment with a wide group of people outside their organisation. The individual concerned was clearly distressed and complained formally under data protection law. 

Our approach

Having seen these issues before we have a standard way of dealing with these issues. First a comms message and lock down of systems followed by an analysis of what led to the mistake. Once fully understood new processes were implemented and training given to ensure this issue could not happen in future.  


Without the help of Gydeline expertise this organisation would have been left floundering and would possibly have not responded in the legally required way. Our simple, controlled method turned what could have been a financially and reputationally damaging event into a learning and improvement experience.


The benefits of our Support & Expertise services

  • Deep expertise in the areas YOU need

  • Flexible delivery

  • Short term, project based delivery

  • Opt for no long term commitments

  • Focus on what you do best

  • Cost effective access to deep knowledge and skills

  • Simple, fast delivery for SMEs

  • Priced for SMEs


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Don’t waste time working out how to run your HR, Finance, IT and others areas. The Simple Business Manual will guide you through the systems, processes and methods you can follow to have an effectively running organisation. Part reference, part manual and part workbook this will hold your hand at every stage of starting, organising and growing you business.

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