Education to grow your impact

Running an efficient and compliant organisation is just the start. We have simple, low cost materials and courses to help you establish efficient systems, processes and policies.

Making organisations more sustainable is at the heart of what we do. All our educational materials seek to weave sustainability into the heart of your organisation and to help you grow your impact.

Organisations showing themselves to be compliant and sustainable can go further and choose to become accredited by Gydeline.

Gydeline Learning Academy
Policy 101 Course

Policy 101

Creating, managing and using simple effective policies

Data Protection Training

Data Protection Training

In person training for your employees

Process 101 Course

Process 101

Creating, managing and using simple processes

Documenting Your Business Course

Documenting Your Business

Using and recording information effectively in your organisation

Environmental Social & Governance Course

ESG 101

Understand and develop your strategy for ESG

Sustainability in Business Course

Sustainability in Businesss

A comprehensive view of the impact your organisation could have

Compliance Bootcamp Course

Compliance Bootcamp

Get yourself up to speed with HR, Finance, IP, IT, Health and Safety

Winning credentials

Accredited by Gydeline

Prove to the world yours is a sustainable, compliant organisation


The benefits of our Academy

  • Help you understand rules, systems & best practice

  • Training you to run systems & processes effectively

  • Coaching you to be more sustainable

  • Get certified

  • Understand ALL the rules not just a few

  • Cost effective access to deep knowledge and skills

  • Simple, fast delivery for SMEs

  • Priced for SMEs


Business Policy Collection

Business Policy Collection

A collection of 60 of the common policies needed for all organisations, presented in Gydeline's unique, simple, sustainable way.

Low one time cost of £99*

Clear and useful

Do you have all the policies that you are legally required to have? Or is yours an organisation that has long wordy documents that are not read or understood? The business policy collection will provide the documents you need in a format that you will actually use.

This collection is for you if:

This report is not for you if:

* The cost of this report will be refunded for consulting customers


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