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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 1

BSS1 – The Winner Takes It All

Mike Saville and Russell Cosway from Gydeline introduce the first episode of the Blue Sky Stinking podcast and discuss topics raised, including, good reasons for starting a business, getting sound advice and benefiting from mentoring and coaching.

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Compliance should be an Olympic Event

With the Winter Olympics in full swing I’ve been watching people doing ridiculous feats and speeds on ice and snow; it can all appear to be very risky.  There have been a number of injuries but nothing serious, but the worst accidents tend to be during practice for the competitions.  For example, Shaun White, the winner of the Men’s

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They Deserve It, as do you

Ok, ok, a tenuous use of the GDPR synonym… hmmm what can I do with this.  Here you go… Did you know that just stroking a dog can drop your blood pressure – check this out! Did you also now that stress can increase blood pressure – proof! Did you know that

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Practice Makes Perfect

You don’t get significantly better at doing something by watching it happen.  If that was the case, we’d all be world class football players or multi-millionaire actors.  Dancing is a good illustration of this. Go to the theatre, watch Simply Come Dancing or even pop into a local dance club, you

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Personal-Data-holics Anonymous – the 12 steps

There are so many flights of steps* to GDPR compliance being publicised currently, all with valid guidance, but missing that little something – history.  However, there have been 12 tried and tested steps in circulation for around 70 years, and with some modification, the Alcoholics Anonymous approach has some surprisingly

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GDPR is just for geeks

… thats right, isn’ it? It is a common problem that as soon as you mention “data” that people glaze over and look to the IT team to show some interest in what’s being said.  However, personal data is a problem for all of us, whether we’re the individual the

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