People are an Organisational Keystone

People are your organisation’s best resource and the biggest danger. Why?

Every organisation has People, even if that is just the Founder.  Once there is any form of growth, the need to invest in the People Keystone becomes paramount.  What does the People Keystone include?  

There is so much more to the People Keystone than managing employees.  There are elements of People which are not always considered or given appropriate attention.  This Keystone extends well beyond organisational recruits to include anyone that contributes to your success.  It encompasses the skills, knowledge, experience, inclusion and happiness of all humans involved in delivering your activities to your Contacts.  There is a function within the organisation called Human Resources which is primarily responsible for the care of the People Keystone

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People includes the following elements:

  • Contribution – Participation, results, performance
  • Knowledge – Learnt information
  • Individuals – Employees, contractors, volunteers
  • Experience – Wisdom, practical application, practice
  • Wellbeing – Health, attendance, fitness, environment
  • Vendors – Workforce suppliers, service providers
  • Skills – Nurtured and natural abilities, behaviours


Employees are hired through an HR recruitment process.  Vendors and Consultants tend to appointed through a Procurement process, although individuals could pass through recruitment too.  Volunteers are less about selection and more about availability but should still be managed through Human Resources.


People are used in every function of an organisation.    People need Information to work, especially understanding the practices of the organisation.   Practices (systems, policy, process and procedure) will define how People are utilised effectively by the organisation.


Money is needed to pay them and Physical Keystone elements are used to accommodate and equip them to be safe and protect their wellbeing.  Nurturing, teaching and developing skills, knowledge and experience are key to ensuring the best contribution from each individual.


Termination of contract by either the organisation or the individual is the most likely start to ‘disposal’.  People tend to leave with their skills, knowledge and experience, but every effort should be made to avoid that having a detrimental effect on the organisation.  There will always be Information remaining about People in line with legal requirements and the organisations retention policy.

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