Money is an Organisational Keystone

Money is not the root of all evil, it’s key to an organisation’s mission

Money is a central Keystone, being necessary for any organisation. There are a range of aspects relating to money which need your consideration.

Money is a central Keystone, being necessary for any organisation.  There are a range of aspects relating to money which need your consideration. What elements does the Money Keystone include?

Liza Minnelli once sung, “Money makes the world go round”. It certainly is pivotal to keeping an organisation going.  As one of the most regulated Keystones it certainly gets good attention in most organisations, possibly too much in some.  It is not all about cash in the bank, there are a large range of elements that make this one of the trickier Keystones to acquire, manage and keep.

Of course, it is very easy to pass off managing this Keystone to an accountant.  However, Money is bigger than just accounting and it’s good to understand all aspects of this Keystone so that you take best advantage of it’s, sometime fleeting, presence. 

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The Money Keystone includes the following elements:

  • Borrowing – Secured and unsecured loans, mortgages, credit cards, private borrowing
  • Investment – Grants, investor funding
  • Forecast – Cashflow, long term forecasts, future company valuation, growth estimates
  • Revenue – Income, interest, donations, internal budgets
  • Capital – Asset sale receipts, savings
  • Shares – Ownership allocation, guarantees, company valuation, share value, dividends
  • Costs – Expenses, payroll, bills


Money is earnt through the revenue-generating activities of the organisation.  It can also be acquired from loans, grants, investment and donations, depending on the type of organisation.


Money is used to pay for all the other Keystones.  Every organisational function uses this Keystone either directly or indirectly.


The Finance function ensures the proper management of this Keystone.  A Governance function provides the control and decisions on the proper use of Money.


This Keystone is in a lifecycle that does not require specific disposal.  There are elements of this Keystone which require ‘disposal’, such as borrowing, but it takes Money to dispose of these too!

SWOT Analysis


Potentially limitless
Easily transacted
Heavily Regulated


Cost Control


Easily stolen
Can lose value
Heavily Regulated


Government Policy

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How Gydeline helps

We, at Gydeline, help organisations of all types and sizes to save money and time through better and simpler compliance.  We do this with software and services.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of dealing with this and other risks in your business we are always happy to offer some, no obligation assistance – just contact us.