Taking the Hassle Out of Compliance

Assessing and monitoring your compliance with regulations and standards doesn’t have to be a burden

If you were to read every single rule or regulation demanded upon a business, it would not only take an incredibly long time but would also leave you feeling pretty overwhelmed and confused.

Internationally, there are hundreds of millions of pieces of legislation and standards. For a small retail business for example, you would have to deal with everything from Health and Safety to Employment law, the Data Protection and Privacy Acts and the Sale of Goods; the list goes on and on.

Not complying with these can leave businesses paying the cost of hefty fines as well as suffering the negative impact on a company’s reputation and even prosecution.

Using our Gydeline compliance software takes the stress and hassle out of what can be a confusing and time consuming exercise. Our compliance tools asses your business and highlight the areas that need updating as well as the actions that need to be taken. Cutting down on admin time, Gydeline only asks for a piece of information once, which is then used across multiple regulations as well as year to year through a compliance monitoring programme.

Without using Gydeline, businesses can run into a series of regulatory hurdles, here are the main compliance issues for Small & Medium Enterprise (SMEs) –

  • Expertise – A lot of the time, there are so many rules and regulations out there for businesses to keep on top of that it can be easy to miss what you need to comply with.
  • Skills – One of the reasons for a lack of compliance, is a skills gap when it comes to researching and understanding the legislation that needs to be adhered to as well as knowing where to gain those skills.
  • Information – If a business does know what it needs to comply with, it can sometimes be left confused about how to gather what is required, as well as how to process and use it.
  • Money – It can be an expensive process for a business to conform to all the policies it needs to. Hiring an external legal team to take this on for you can cost around £1,200 a day but our low, flexible monthly subscription offers you a personal product that works for your individual business.

For more information about Gydeline and how it can help take the hassle out of your business compliance, click here.

How Gydeline helps

We, at Gydeline, help small and medium sized organisations save money and time by building systems, processes and policies that simplify their business and support their sustainability aims.  We do this with a range of services.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of dealing with this and other risks in your business we are always happy to offer some, free, no obligation assistance – just contact us.

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