Practice Makes Perfect1 min read

You don’t get significantly better at doing something by watching it happen.  If that was the case, we’d all be world class football players or multi-millionaire actors.  Dancing is a good illustration of this.

Go to the theatre, watch Simply Come Dancing or even pop into a local dance club, you will see people who have practiced hard to improve their dancing.  Company leaders need to practice how to become better at business, and it’s hard work.

There are so many skills that are needed: finance, VAT, employment, discrimination, consumer rights, data protection, security… the list is massive.

So are you ‘dancing around’ the issues that you need to face in your business?  Sometimes you just need to step on the dancefloor and have a go, but it always helps if someone can show you the steps you need to perfect the art.

That is why we wrote Gydeline… so you can enjoy the dance.

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