Cobot Mascot Costumes

The making of a Corporate Mascot

The Beginnings of a Mascot

As an artist, I get a few strange requests. However, when I got asked to help Russell and Mike with artwork for their new venture, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. Their focus business compliance and I didn’t know anything about regulations, how was I going to help? But I went to the meeting anyway.

They explained to me what they were setting out to do. They wanted to help businesses big and small comply with the various different regulations, stay on the right side of the law and most importantly protect the public. It was stressed that they wanted to make this rather ‘heavy’ subject more approachable. This is where the idea of a mascot comes in.

It was stressed that this needed to incorporate the company’s values- simpler, better, happier, together. They also wanted a modern androgynous character using the Cosimplex colours of orange, blue and grey.

(NB Cosimplex was the original company name before it was changed to Gydeline, however, the mascot was already born!)

The Development

I left this meeting with a head swimming with information, so did what I do best. I came up with a couple of pages of rough sketches, ‘creative vomit’, so Russell and Mike could pick out a few starting points. A bear and a robot made the cut and I began to work them up.

Things began to escalate, and then I received Russell’s sketch. A robot bear riding a unicycle. Madness. It was time to go back to basics and reassess the brief.

The Birth

Using the Cosimplex logo I created a robot to fit in with the holding hands’ shape. Now things were starting to fall into place, the final design was in sight. A few tweaks to the wheel and face were needed. No more weird glowing orb or creepy emoji face…. and Cobot was born.

The Wardrobe

Cobot has an outfit for every situation. And more. Gydeline sets out to help any industry. I add more outfits all the time, to cater for every occupation that needs to be covered.   This gives me the chance to keep working on Cobot.

As every team member now chooses their own corporate mascot in their likeness, Mike and Russell’s couldn’t help but see Cobot as a male. Ms Cobot was born with hairstyles and a different shape across the centre to represent the growing female crew. The creation of Cobot coincided with my own pregnancy and the birth of my son. So when I created my own Cobot-self, Cobit needed to feature – and here we are!

About the artist and author

Harriet Teagle is a multi-media artist based in Cornwall who plays a mean trombone in Roche Brass Band.  With a wide range of artistic skills, Harriet could help you create your corporate mascot, company logo, website graphics and loads more.

You can find more about Harriet’s artwork on Facebook or Etsy


Cobot Update – May 2021

After a difficult year coping with the lockdowns and impact of a pandemic, we decided to retire Cobot from public life.  The Cobots, in all their different costumes and facial expressions, remain close to our hearts and act as a reminder of our business journey.  I’m sure there will be occasions when we will wheel them out again in the future, maybe sporting a new paint job.

How Gydeline helps

We, at Gydeline, help small and medium sized organisations save money and time by building systems, processes and policies that simplify their business and support their sustainability aims.  We do this with a range of services.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of dealing with this and other risks in your business we are always happy to offer some, free, no obligation assistance – just contact us.

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