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Data Access vs Data Portability

Reading Time: < 1 min Context: In order to further promote transparency and clarity the information which individuals can receive should be clearly explained. The Article 29 Working Party (European Data

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Simple GDPR documentation

Reading Time: < 1 min It can seem quite daunting, trying to understand which documents are required as part of the GDPR. Part of the ongoing mission here at Gydeline

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The Invisible Enemy – Profiling

Reading Time: < 1 min In robotic evolution terms we’ve still not reached the heights of K-9 in the Doctor Who series.  It’s been over 40 years since the mechanised mutt

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Compliance Simplified DPIA Template

Simple DPIA Template

Reading Time: 2 mins Why do I need a DPIA template? There are many Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) tools available; a quick online search will reveal many of

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Do you know what personal data you process and where it is?

Simple Data Mapping

Reading Time: 2 mins Isn’t Data Mapping complicated? Well, the simple and unfortunately vague answer is, it depends.  A full scale detailed data mapping exercise takes considerable effort and expertise.

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Involvement is the best route to embed learning

Simple GDPR Awareness

Reading Time: < 1 min Take a simple first step to GDPR awareness Tell someone about GDPR… Go on… Do it… Now!  That is an important first step in beginning to create

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