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Green Elephant Show
B Corp Season 2 Interview - Fiona Gildea from Milk and Honey PR

Hello and welcome to our second series of Green Elephant B Corp business interviews.

B Corporations, or B Corps for short, are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose

Throughout this series, we are chatting with key people in companies which have chosen to work towards certifying as B Corps and be a Force for Good.

00:35 Interview with Fiona Gildea from Milk and Honey PR

  • 01:41 Elephant in the room question – Milk and Honey, is it the promised land?
  • 02:25 A people-and-planet-first organisation
  • 03:13 Founding a better business
  • 03:31 Amazing and infuriating boss!
  • 04:50 Formed on ethical foundations… was B Corp certification quick?
  • 05:29 What about the communities!
  • 06:24 The premise behind B Corp
  • 06:45 A transparent culture
  • 07:16 29 Bees in the Hive weighted towards Female – deliberate?
  • 08:56 Employees of a “certain heritage”
  • 10:28 Diversity conscientiousness is the first step to change
  • 12:02 Supporting the needs of the Public Relations industry as a whole
  • 12:50 B Corps makes collaborating with the competition easier and safer
  • 14:20 COP26 and the diversity agenda
  • 15:42 The disconnect is that climate change is not impacting the middle-classes
  • She Changes Climate
  • 18:12 Working with Al Gore on the Climate Reality Leadership Corps – best mates?
  • 19:49 Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice
  • 22:08 The European climate justice movement is now growing
  • 22:53 Internationalisation of the problem – We need to drop the national bias
  • 25:47 Is the climate emergency being treated as an emergency?
  • 28:28 We are at a ‘tipping point’
  • 28:45 Positive national targets emerging
  • 29:50 Dragging us back to more mundane things
  • 30:15 Did you fall into PR?
  • 32:02 I sucked at journalism so moved to PR
  • 33:30 A string of awards for the business – what makes Milk and Honey such a great PR company?
  • 35:25 Drive ourselves to do good work for our clients
  • 36:28 Do you seek purpose-led clients or lead organisations to their purpose?
  • 39:10 Fossil fuel companies are working in a difficult situation
  • 41:00 Sustainability slut-shaming!
  • 42:00 Nobody is perfect and no one an expert in everything
  • 43:06 PR Must be a ruddy nightmare really…
  • 45:50 Spin-doctors gave PR a bad name…
  • 48:25 Why is the B Corp certification and community valuable to you?

49:55 Tip/Action

  • Look at your technology and see how you sell, reuse, upcycle and recycle your redundant equipment

53:55 Recommendation

56:09 Fact or Fake

  1. 61% of companies believe their social media customer service is exceptional, while only 28% of customers say they agree. (FAKE)
    1. 80% of companies believe their social media customer service is exceptional, while only 8% of customers say they agree. (FACT)
  2. 87% of consumers say that social media helps them make shopping decisions. (FACT)
    1. Social platforms like Pinterest are the biggest source of online shopping inspiration
  3. 2.9 billion people use email every day, and that number is expected to reach a staggering 3.3 billion by 2023. (FAKE)
    1. 3.9 billion people use email every day, and that number is expected to reach a staggering 4.3 billion by 2023. (FACT)


Find Fiona Gildea and Milk and Honey PR here:

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