Cartoon of Michaela Buble, the Sydeline Marketing guru. A character from the humorous business podcast, Blue Sky Stinking.

How can you avoid the blunders of others? Listen to Blue Sky Stinking podcast today for help

In playing the game of brand recognition their are pitfalls. You don’t have to make these yourself to learn lessons, you can draw from the mistakes of others. But how do you get to hear about these branding blunders? Unless they were a public relations disaster it’s likely that organisations would want to keep them quiet to avoid their blushes.

Marketing Minefields – should you cross them?

Without doubt, marketing your product or service in the current business world is a minefield. There are those that bombard their targets with ‘war-dialed’ automated telephone calls, unsolicited emails and even postal junk mail. Others buy lists from reputable sources and undertake a more personable and friendly approach. Yet others still, try to draw information from their …

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