Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 31st July

The latest sustainability news from the Green Elephant for 31st July 2020.

Top stories:

Climate stories on social media – can they be believed?
Nepals plans to turn fog into filtered water
Plastic waste flows into the ocean set to triple by 2040 – is this as bad as it sounds or can something be done and
Methane gas emissions don’t just come form cows. . . .there’s another leak.

Company news:

Microsoft Signs Company’s Single Largest Renewable Energy Agreement
The Home Depot Reports US stores Reduced Electricity by 35%
Mastercard Launches Sustainable Materials Program for Card Issuers
How Consulting Firm Capgemini Plans to Become Net Zero by 2030
HSBC Launches Environmental, Social, and Governance Group for Clients

Other sustainability news:

Climate emergency ‘a danger to peace’, UN Security Council hears
Plastic pollution to weigh 1.3 billion tonnes by 2040
UK government planning new green investment bank
Scientists Discover New Material That Could Capture 90% of CO2 Emitted from Industrial Sources
World off track in meeting 2030 Agenda, UN deputy chief warns
Dump fuel-hungry AC units to cut years of emissions and save trillions: UN report
UK Local authorities encouraged to align with the SDGs in their planning

And finally:

Gucci Will Only Have Two Fashion Shows Per Year


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