Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
007 Sustainability News 28th August

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 28th August 2020.

Top stories:

Earth Overshoot Day: When consumption outstrips the planet’s eco resources
Proposed UK law pushes accountability for Amazon products
Rare dolphin species spotted in the Adriatic Sea
Mauritius: Anger and questions as 17 dead dolphins wash ashore
Unilever Pilots Geolocation Monitoring to Trace Palm Oil Supply


BBC Ideas – Sustainable thinking videos

Company News:

Heineken UK Swaps Plastic Rings for Cardboard Topper
Major Retailers and Manufacturers Lead New Food Waste Action Coalition
Intel Delves into African Mineral Supply Chain for Responsible Sourcing
Kimberly-Clark, Henkel Join the US Plastics Pact, Commit to Major Packaging Reform
Carnival Corp. Commits to Reduce Emissions 40% by 2030

Other sustainability news:

Bread price may rise after dire UK wheat harvest
UK law on deforestation
Global warming could push air conditioning demand up 59%
Florida to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes
Atlantic has 10 times the microplastics previously thought
Guernsey ‘net zero’ emissions target by 2050 to become law
Electric Vehicle and Carbon Emission- A Case of Right Intention and The Wrong Choice

Action Alley:

Clean the grills behind your fridge – Clean twice a year to keep your fridge running efficiently

Fact or Fake?

  1. George Orwell was the first person to use the term “Global Warming” in 1943
  2. A single cow emits more pollution than a car in a single day
  3. Cows emit more methane through belching than through flatulence
  4. In 2003 the government of Australia proposed a flatulence tax which was not adopted due to public protest

And finally:

Chicken rehoming charity gets 52,000 lockdown hen requests


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