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Better Business Interview - James Whitfield and Sean Sykes from FIVE Create (Briiv)

Hello and welcome to our second series of Green Elephant Better Business interviews.

Throughout this series, we are chatting with key people in companies which have chosen to work towards building businesses which serve the greater good of looking after people and planet as well as making a profit.

00:35 Interview with James Whitfield and Sean Sykes from FIVE Create, the makers of the Briiv Air Purifier

  • 01:26 Elephant in the room question – Isn’t two co-founders enough?
  • 02:48 Start a company and see how it goes from there!
  • 03:08 How did you find your purpose?
  • 04:13 Wanted to cut waste with consumer goods
  • 05:06 What is Briiv? (pronounced like Breathe)
  • 06:19 What makes up the Briiv filter?
  • 07:30 What dark magic did you use to come up with the filter construction?
  • 10:03 Even the housing is biodegradable?
  • 11:40 Important that the unit didn’t use plastics
  • 12:08 the problem with all consumer electronics
  • 12:38 Heavy regulatory burden
  • 13:10 Manufacturers can be ‘lazy’ with regards to the materials they use
  • 13:37 How long does a filter last?
  • 14:02 And then discard in the compost?
  • 15:55 What is HEPA?
  • 17:10 How far does the filtering go?
  • 18:00 Would I notice a difference?
  • 19:45 Air Quality is a very present issue at the moment
  • 20:10 3043 medium-sized plants equivalent – how did you work that out?
  • 21:31 What’s your eco conversation at the moment?
  • 23:30 What is really exciting about innovation currently?
  • 27:42 The Red Dot award
  • 28:48 Any other awards you’re chasing down?

29:43 Fact or Fake


Find James Whitfield, Sean Sykes and FIVE Create here:

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