Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
Better Business Interview S2 - Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE from Learn with Grandma

Hello and welcome to our second series of Green Elephant interviews.

Throughout this series, we are chatting with inspirational people who lead organisations which have chosen to work to focus on more than profit.

00:35 Interview with Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE from Learn with Grandma​

  • 01:57 Elephant in the room question – How old are you and why don’t you want to grow up?
  • 03:32 European funded projects trap
  • 03:58 ‘Achievable, Affordable and Sustainable’
  • 04:05 The life changing event in 2013
  • 05:13 The next stage and e-learning Africa
  • 05:23 e-Learning Africa
  • 06:06 No rich white lady
  • 06:39 Run the workshop and they will come
  • 07:02 Connections in the House of Lords
  • 08:10 Mobile phone usage in Uganda
  • 08:41 LwG in 50 countries now
  • 09:05 First career in charity
  • 09:48 What I do now is sell ideas
  • 10:00 Where did Learn with Grandma start?
  • 10:50 A natural with Facebook?
  • 12:25 Grandson shows Val the way
  • 13:36 The Grand Brecon Beacons Tour (for those on YouTube)
  • 14:45 Are the older generation under-valued?
  • 16:08 I don’t understand technology
  • 16:20 The trouble with experts…
  • 16:41 The MBE – Why and what was the experience like?
  • 18:01 Prince Charles has a house in the village!
  • 18:34 Told off by the Prince of Wales
  • 19:38 Women of Heart Award – another chance to switch to YouTube
    • Big-Hearted Lifetime achievement award
  • 22:00 Forcing your way into UNESCO
  • 24:24 Invited to speak at UNESCO – creating eBooks
  • 25:35 My mission is to plant ideas
  • 26:15 Val’s Lion and his son – making sanitary towels
  • 27:42 New building named Jajja Vals
  • 28:46 Grandma Microfinance Uganda
  • 29:38 Moses Wamanga
  • 31:48 Nobody really wants to create something that doesn’t sustain itself
  • 32:30 4 July Tree Planting campaign
  • 35:12 Plant something and send your pictures and stories to be included in an eBook
  • 35:48 Plant an idea and be brave
  • 36:36 Advantages of old age…
  • 40:19 Just one more thing…
  • 41:20 I like simple ideas
  • 42:06 Illustrating intergenerational learning
  • 43:21 University doesn’t prepare you for life
  • 44:33 We don’t teach the basic stuff in school
  • 47:02 You can forget peoples names but teaching across the generations needs to go on, and on

37:37 Tip/Action

  • On or around 4th July Plant something for Val
  • Connect with the Learn with Grandma
  • Connect Val if you would like her to talk to your group – use Messenger!

38:38 Recommendation


Find Valerie Wood-Gaiger and Learn with Grandma here:

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