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Green Elephant Show
B Corp Month 2021 Interview - Kate Sandle and Debbie Thackray from B Labs UK

Hello and welcome to our special series of Green Elephant interviews during March 2021, supporting the annual B Corps month.

B Corporations, or B Corps for short, are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose

Throughout March, we are chatting with key people in companies which have chosen to certify as B Corps and become a Force for Good.

00:35 Interview with Kate Sandle and Debbie Thackray from B Labs UK

  • 01:18 The People behind the B Labs UK
  • 01:45 Kate’s route to the B Corp movement
  • 04:10 And then Debbie Joined
  • 06:06 What is a Community Engagement Manager
  • 07:20 What is B Corps?
  • 10:10 Changing the legal standing of businesses
  • 11:02 Better Business Act campaign
  • 11:33 What’s so good about the B Corp community?
  • 12:33 A unique balance
  • 13:42 Transparency – is it key?
  • 14:11 A little on the elements assessed
  • 15:15 Check out the B Corps Directory
  • 15:36 What’s the score and does it matter?
  • 16:35 The highest scorer the South Mountain Company
  • 17:45 Is B Corps just for big business?
  • 19:06 Certification for 
  • 19:38 Movement, Cult, Marketing Stunt, tribe or “I’m too dirty”… or just passionate
  • 21:30 Sheep shearing?
  • 22:44 Lockdown and online engagement a struggle?
  • 24:52 What are B Locals?
  • 27:10 B Corps Month – why do we need it?
  • 28:05 A Humble Brag!

29:14 Action

32:00 Recommendation

40:52 Fact or Fake

  1. 60% of People That Start Small Businesses are Aged Between 40 and 60 (FACT)
    1. GuidantFinancial studied small businesses in 2019 and talked to more than 2,700 small entrepreneurs. Their research supports earlier statistics and again corrects popular misconceptions about entrepreneurs being mostly younger.
  2. The number of female FTSE 100 CEOs has increased from 4 in 2012 to 13 in 2020 (FAKE)
  3. The highest-paid male CEO earns almost 90% more than the highest-paid female (FACT)


Find Kate Sandle and Debbie Thackray and B Labs UK here:

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We really hope that you’ve found this special B Corp Month episode both informative and entertaining. Make sure you don’t miss any of the 31 interviews with B Corporations who are striving to be a Force for Good.