Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
B Corp Month 2021 Highlights from interviews with 31 amazing organisations

Hello and welcome to our special series of Green Elephant interviews during March 2021, supporting the annual B Corps month.

B Corporations, or B Corps for short, are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose

Throughout March, we are chatting with key people in companies which have chosen to certify as B Corps and become a Force for Good.

Highlights from the series:

  • 34 people (plus 3 extras in the background if you’re watching the videos)
  • 26 Certified B Corps
  • 5 B Leaders
  • 3 B Corp Pendings
  • 2 specials with B Labs and B Academics

02:12 – Governance highlights
03:23 – Environment highlights
06:32 – Workers highlights
09:06 – Customers highlights
13:45 – Community highlights
17:45 – Purpose highlights
21:12 – Profit highlights

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