Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
005 Coronavirus Normality? What's normal?


It is strange times in which we’re all living. None of us has ever experienced anything like this “Coronavirus normality”. This time we discuss the things that have changed, what will continue to be different and what we can learn from this new normal.

Take away actions

  • Think smarter about power usage, travel and all forms of consumption
  • Do you need it (gadget, clothes, etc)?
  • Better life planning – reduce
  • Continue with the regular exercise
  • Continue (or start) growing your own food – apply for an allotment – the government is bound by law to meet the demand
  • “Use, Reuse, Recycle” could change to “Refuse (to buy), Reduce, Use, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle”
  • Net Zero is best achieved by not using electricity in the first place, not by masking excessive use with offsetting projects
  • Grow/make/do it yourself rules – learn by doing


03:10 – Short term impact of Coronavirus normality
04:55 – Traffic reduction
08:00 – Food
12:05 – Online shopping
15:00 – New normal
21:29 – Actions to take

Fact Bucket

Useful Info

Contact us if you have any views on Coronavirus normality or want to be on the show – we’d love to have you.



Special thanks as always to Harriet Teagle for her Green Elephant artwork.

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