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Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 9th December

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 9th December 2020.

Top stories:

01:07 – Top 3 plastic polluters are CocaCola, PepsiCo and Nestle. Again.
14:38 – New Report Finds 57% of Global Economy to Face Flooding Risk by 2040

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08:52 Challenge update

Sustainable Seasonal Shopping:
  • Second Hand
  • Digital
  • Furoshiki
Where are you shopping – tell us as we will give a mention next week to some of the most interesting.
Next week is our Christmas special and so we’ll be bringing you our Top 10 Tips for a sustainable Christmas

12:27 Recommendation:

New Book by First Dog on the Moon: Carbon-Neutral Adventures of the Indefatigable EnviroTeens by First Dog on the Moon.

See the book | See the cartoons

Company News:

19:23 – Poland Spring Factories in Maine Achieve Highest Level of Water Stewardship Certification
21:27 – Mercedes-Benz Hoping to Offer CO2-Neutral Car Fleet in Under 20 Years
23:28 – Tesco removes 20m items of plastic from Christmas range

Sustainable Technology News:

24:51 – Scotland to become first country to test 100% green hydrogen
26:26 – Eco-conscious car subscription platform raises $24.2M,
27:50 – UK’s first electric-only car charging station opens for business
29:41 – Lizards and snakes bring halt to work on Tesla plant near Berlin
32:19 – Lab-grown chicken tastes like chicken – but the feeling when eating it is more complicated

Other Sustainability News:

34:14 – Sexy beasts: animals with ‘charisma’ get lion’s share of EU conservation funds
36:33 – China plans rapid expansion of ‘weather modification’ efforts
38:00 – Coronavirus: Four lions test positive for Covid-19 at Barcelona Zoo
38:54 – Deposit return scheme: Conwy to take part in Wales pilot
40:00 – Beer and crisps used to help tackle climate change

41:34 BCorp Spotlight

The newest local BCorp in Cornwall, UK: Wild West. Congratulations to them.

42:53 – Listener Feedback

  • We discussed the new law in China on reporting single use plastic. Many people including @love_earth_go_green @evolvcreative and others thoughts as we did that this was a great first step
  • Lots of feedback on some simple shopping checks we sent out. @saltysurf_co reports that their products pass all the checks. @sustain.ably_g also adds, which I think we mentioned elsewhere. Do I really need it?
  • Speaking of sustain.ably_g or Geraldine which is her name. She told us she was making a vegetable lasagne (I think whilst listening to the show) I suggested she try baked beans instead but apparently they are not big on baked beans in France???
  • @authenticallygrounded offered a good sustainable shopping tip – the most sustainable choice is the one you already have.
  • A couple of things on meat and farming this week on the back of the show last week. Lots of people went route one on this and kinda took the vegan “Meat is bad” option. However @cigcarw_llyn_venison made some really interesting points about the connection to the meat. If you know where it’s been farmed and that it has been treated with respect, used at home and not mass/factory produced then perhaps it is much better than say, soy or other mass produced crops?
  • As ever always open to alternative opinions.

46:37 Behind the scenes

47:50 Fact or Fake?

Plastic pollution themed.

  1. On average there are 150 plastic bottles on every mile of UK beach
  2. If you are caught producing, using or selling plastic bags in Kenya you can be imprisoned for 4 years
  3. In its entire life the average plastic bag is used for just 22 minutes
  4. Each and every US resident uses 1200 plastic bags a year
  5. For each plankton particle in the Ocean there are 10 plastic ones

And finally:

52:14 – Family in South Australia find live koala in their Christmas tree

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