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Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 4th November

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 4th November 2020.

Vevember update:

01:40 – Four days into our November vegan challenge we reveal our thoughts so far.

Top stories:

06:06 – Amazon goes green with electric delivery vans
06:06 – Amazon Adds ‘Climate Pledge’ Section to Site in European Countries
06:06 – Amazon’s new eco-friendly shopping platform
57:30 – Businesses making eco-friendly claims to be vetted by watchdog

12:57 BCorp Spotlight

An extended interview this week with Founder of Community Platform Made Open, Robert Woolfe.

Please lookup and connect with Made Open:

29:55 Recommendation:

Robert Woolfe recommends The Man Who Planted Trees

33:53 Action Alley:

Robert suggests you take some time to think and make yourself more resourceful.

Company News:

35:49 – Bacardi to Use Completely Biodegradable Spirits Bottle by 2023
37:25 – Burger King Begins Testing Reusable Sandwich and Beverage Containers
39:15 – Estée Lauder Achieves Net Zero Emissions
40:07 – SAPC is an official Carbon Balanced Printer

Sustainable Technology News:

40:50 – Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping
42:35 – Briiv air purifier uses renewable materials to naturally clean indoor air
43:55 – Oregon City Converting 7,000 Street and Park Lights to LED
44:49 – Chipotle Introduces Sustainability Impact Trackers for All Digital Orders
46:12 – Companies in Japan launch edible single-use bags to save Nara deer
48:03 – Tree-planting drones aim to cool a hot planet

Environmental Sustainability News:

50:03 – China Just Stunned the World With Its Step-up on Climate Action
52:09 – Which ‘Milk’ is Best for the Environment?
54:20 – Exported used cars ‘dumped’ on developing nations, driving up pollution, UN warns

55:25 Highlight Lowlight

Lowlight – The US will abandon a worldwide climate agreement on November 4th
Lowlight – Russia rules out cutting fossil fuel production in next few decades
Highlight – Record number of endangered turtles hatch in Mexico

01:00:20 – Listener Feedback

  • We talked paper recycling and kirstengalecutler suggests we ban all advertising on paper or make it prohibitively expensive. Matt from Leap (our spotlight BCorp from last time) gives some broader context and points out that digital can sometimes be worse than paper if done badly.
  • Kruezberegchocolates picked up on the supply chain theme that we talk about most weeks. Aside from making delicious sounding chocolate they raised some issues in supply chains of chocolate producers. ecolibrista also picked up this theme and suggested we read the book No Logo by Naomi Klein
  • A tip we shared last time was around second hand clothes, celastrinabotanicals tells us they’ve spent a year not buying and clothes or shoes and have use the money saved to start a soap business
  • Finally sustain.ably_g has been in touch to tell us about the Crisp Packet Project, washing and reusing crisp packets to make all sorts of items such as blankets and bivvy bags for camping.

01:03:40 Behind the Scenes

The latest thoughts, plans and projects that are going on behind the scenes at the Green Elephant


01:05:52 Fact or Fake?

Volunteering themed with our guest Robert Woolfe.

  1. Those who volunteer regularly have a 27% better chance of gaining employment
  2. Volunteers, on average, spend 50 hours per year donating their time to their chosen organisations
  3. Abraham Lincoln started The Union Fire Company, in 1836, the first volunteer-run firehouse worldwide
  4. 35% of hiring managers see the act of volunteerism as a valuable asset when making recruitment decisions

And finally:

01:10:33 – Chameleon species lost for a century rediscovered in Madagascar
01:11:55 – It’s your regular Arctic death-spiral update with Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin

Thanks for listening to this weeks sustainability news.

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