Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 25th November

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 25th November 2020.

Top stories:

01:00 – Green targets: Do governments meet them?
18:09 – Skills Gap Poses Threat to Executives In Terms of Climate-Related Risks, Survey Suggests

06:42 Challenge update

12:53 Recommendation:

Send less email.  Read the story.

Company News:

21:37 – Colgate-Palmolive to Source 100% Renewable Electricity for Global Operations by 2030
23:30 – Henkel Joins Amazon’s Climate Pledge
24:50 – Tupperware to Join Circular Reuse Platform ‘Loop’ in 2021
25:58 – Tillamook Earns B Corp Certification
27:10 – Bacardi announces new biodegradable bottles

Sustainable Technology News:

28:10 – The world’s biggest solar energy project failure: How this $1 billion boondoggle solar plant project became obsolete before it ever went online
30:05 – Hello Energy: Sustainability that you can actually see
31:30 – NASA to launch satellite to track rising sea levels
32:42 – Engineering student turns food waste into renewable energy

Other Sustainability News:

34:12 – Covid-19 shift to remote working adds to Earth’s growing e-waste problem
36:00 – Global map of bees created in conservation first
38:00 – John Kerry named as Joe Biden’s special climate envoy
39:30 – GM Boosts EV Spend to $27B by 2025, Plans 30 All-Electric Models
40:18 – Move over, millennials. Boomers are UK’s greenest generation

42:35 – Listener Feedback

  • On last weeks show we focused on Electric vehicles. @plants_will_save_the_world points out that of course a lot of electric vehicles are in fact run on coal as that is what is used to generate the source electricity.
  • It seems that the new McPlant offering from McDonalds hasn’t gone down well with listeners and @mniej_plastiku were among those that said it wouldn’t make any difference in persuading them to eat there.
  • We discussed cost per use last time and we posted suggesting listeners ask themselves some questions before making a purchase (how many uses, how long etc) and several listeners including @evolvcreative @barlow445 and @ecospacedesign were grateful for this reminder before we go into black Friday.
  • Finally our fact or fakes on Chinese cars have caused confusion a wide variety of opinions from @jamacgardner @alsalem_elli @twinews and @thecurvedneedle. @amypics1122 asked who comes up with our fact or fakes. . . .. .we do but feel free to suggest more!

44:55 Fact or Fake?

Email volume/emissions themed.

  1. An average of 569 Billion emails are sent per day
  2. The average number of emails received per day by office workers is 86
  3. The Average number of emails sent per day by an office worker is 40
  4. 50% of emails are spam
  5. Amazon is the company that sends the most email per user

And finally:

50:00 – Bristol Zoo’s baby gorilla name chosen by public
50:55 – Dozy dormouse gets stuck in garden bird feeder on the Isle of Wight

Thanks for listening to this weeks sustainability news.

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