Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 24th September

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 24th September 2020.

Top stories:

01:17 – Coronavirus: Ministers balance science and politics in latest rules
42:20 – Climate Change: Is the movement diverse enough?
45:48 – Australia whale stranding: 470 animals now beached in Tasmania record
48:05 – China pledges to become carbon neutral before 2060


08:04 – Certified B Corps are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. Learn more

Company News:

09:38 – Organic vegetable box firm Riverford certified as an ethical B Corp
11:15 – Starbucks Releases Strawless Lids in US and Canada
13:02 – GM and Nikola Form Partnership to Accelerate Electric Truck Production
15:20 – Circular Shopping Platform Loop Expands in the US
17:20 – Morgan Stanley Commits to Net-Zero Financed Emissions by 2050
17:50 – Shell and Microsoft Partner to Help Each Other Reach Carbon Reduction Goals
19:39 – General Electric Vows to Stop Building Coal-Fired Plants

Sustainable Technology News:

20:45 – Alternative protein companies have raised a whopping $1.5 billion through July of this year
22:26 – Work to start on Eden geothermal project
24:40 – Sales of eco-friendly cars overtake diesel
25:45 – Butts to bricks: recycling cigarette waste
28:04 – Cowboy electric bikes getting automatic crash detection for free
29:47 – Making kayaks from Cornish coastline rubbish

Environmental Sustainability News:

31:15 – Birds are dying mid-air possibly due to climate crisis effects
32:37 – Washington bans wildlife-killing competitions
34:28 – Botswana elephant deaths caused by cyanobacteria
35:52 – Brazilian wetlands fires started by humans and worsened by drought
36:51 – World’s richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam
37:54 – Israel fish deaths linked to rapid warming of seas

Action Alley:

39:20 – Reuse and disposing of cooking oil.
Some Tips:
  • Extend the life of oil by not letting it burn or letting it smoke
  • After use strain it through a fine sieve/cheesecloth and keep in sealed container
  • Re-use – maybe half a dozen times
  • Think about using less – shallow fry instead of deep fry
  • When its life has ended – don’t put it down the sink! Most recycling centres have waste cooking oil – take it there.

Fact or Fake?

50:36 – Coronavirus themed

  1. Cats can catch coronavirus
  2. 16% of Americans think coronavirus is related to Corona beer
  3. Coronavirus is more infectious than measles
  4. Washing hands and wearing masks is important but it’s more important to remove your shoes when you get home?

And finally:

54:42 – Covid travel restrictions ‘may put tortoises in danger’

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