Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 24th July

The latest sustainability news from the Green Elephant for 24th July 2020.

Top stories:

The entire world’s carbon emissions will finally be trackable in real time
Reviews of hundreds of studies show that a growing number of chemicals—in pesticides, flame retardants, and certain plastics—are linked to widespread health problems, including infertility, diabetes, and impaired brain development.
Apple Devices to Have Net Zero Climate Impact by 2030
Sustainable Development Report 2020

Company news:

IBM Reduces CO2 Emissions Almost 40% since 2005
P&G Says Global Operations to Be Carbon Neutral within the Decade
Nestlé Waters North America Converts 3 More Water Brands to 100% Recycled Plastic
CapGem Research: Sustainability rising up consumer agenda
Microsoft targets diesel backup power to reduce emissions
LA startup turns spoiled milk into biodegradable T-shirts

Other sustainability news:

Polar Bears could be lost by 2100
Tree planting ‘not always’ the best strategy to combat climate change
Deforestation has slowed down but still remains a concern, new UN report reveals
Unbalanced diets in G20 countries make 75% of global food carbon budget
Homes of wealthy Americans spew 25% more emissions and can be as much as 15 times higher than in nearby lower-income neighborhoods
Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan: create millions of jobs, reverse climate change

And finally:

IKEA debuts plant-based meatballs


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