Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 14th October

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 14th October 2020.

Top stories:

01:05 – Prince William and Sir David Attenborough join forces on ‘Earthshot’ prize
34:18 – Ikea to buy back used furniture in recycling push
36:30 – Mark Carney says banks should link executive pay to Paris climate goals
38:49 – Does Signing an Online Petition Actually Achieve Anything?


06:04 – Cook Kindness Fund which runs from end of October through to December is looking to give 100,000 free meals to vulnerable, disadvantaged or underserved communities.

Company News:

08:52 – New Swedish grocery to price goods based on carbon footprint
10:48 – JPMorgan Chase Adopts Financing Commitment Aligned with the Paris Agreement
12:58 – Exxon’s leaked documents reveal devastating pollution plan
14:25 – Accenture Sets 3 New Sustainability Goals, Will Achieve Net-Zero Emissions by 2025

Sustainable Technology News:

16:48 – Europe’s Largest EV Charging Park Includes 100% Green Power & Two Battery Storage Systems
18:28 – Aussies urged to avoid cheap ‘landfill solar’
19:58 – Seagull brings down drone over Stranraer Academy

Environmental Sustainability News:

21:50 – Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah
23:14 – Preparing COVID-19 vaccine could kill half a million sharks
25:04 – California governor issues executive order to conserve 30% of state land by 2030
26:16 – Israel plans to enact a countrywide fur ban
27:30 – Many employees are tired of working from home: 70% want to return to the office, according to a new survey
29:35 – International E-Waste Day – 14 October 2020

Action Alley:

31:18 – Boil only the water you need

Some Tips:
Whenever you heat water it uses energy, so think
  • Do you need to boil as much in the kettle?
  • Is there too much water in that pan on the hob?
  • Do you need those extra minutes in the electric shower?
  • Do you even need hot water or will cold suffice?

41:48 – Listener Feedback


Fact or Fake?

45:41 – Waste and recycling themed

  1. The aluminium drinks can is the world’s most recycled packaging container
  2. Containers made from recycled glass are almost the same quality as those made from new raw materials.
  3. The average person living in the UK uses around 200kg of paper every year
  4. In less than 2 hours the UK produces enough waste to fill Wembley Stadium.

And finally:

49:50 – Tasmanian devils reunited with their motherland after 3,000 years

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