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Green Elephant Show
Sustainability News 11th November

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 11th November 2020.

Top stories:

01:09 – Biden Says the US Will Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement in 77 days.
09:41 – World Vegan Month: 10 Practical Tips For Going Vegan

07:40 Recommendation:

Our Changing Climate

Company News:

16:15 – Absolut Focuses on Agriculture, Supply Chain & Packaging to Meet 2030 Sustainability Goals
17:18 – Bentley is making the shift to an all-electric lineup
18:34 – Apple puts major supplier Pegatron on probation for labor violations
20:10 – UK to make climate risk reports mandatory for large companies
21:30 – McDonald’s to launch a McPlant vegetarian option
23:00 – Climate Action Superheroes empower children to protect the planet

Sustainable Technology News:

24:38 – Prestige plant based pans
25:55 – UK fusion experiment used in hunt for clean energy
27:40 – PHYSEE: Smart energy consumption for sustainable buildings
28:44 – Biodegradable children’s shoes come with expiration date
30:28 – Renewable energy defies Covid-19 to hit record growth in 2020
31:38 – Australia plans to strengthen its power grid with another giant battery

Other Sustainability News:

32:44 – Amazon fires: Year-on-year numbers doubled in October
33:05 – Danger looms as world’s largest iceberg heads toward a critical wildlife habitat
34:10 – Storm Eta: Guatemala landslide kills at least 50
35:00 – UK increasingly reliant on fruit and veg from climate-hit countries – study

36:04 Action Alley:

Shop ethically, shop locally this Black Friday and Christmas.

38:44 BCorp Spotlight

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
In addition to their work to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of their business and meet Science Based Targets, Ben & Jerry’s are also fierce advocates for policies that rapidly decarbonize the global economy consistent with the latest science. They continue to use their influence as a company and the connection they have with fans to advocate for the following policies:

  • Put a price on carbon
  • Reduce carbon emissions (which means reducing fossil fuels) by at least 45% by 2030
  • Transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050
  • Stop using coal entirely
  • Leave fossil fuels in the ground
  • Divest fully from the fossil fuel industry
  • Stop deforestation of old growth tropical forests
  • Adopt regenerative agriculture practices that restore and maintain soil health and sequester carbon.
  • Ensure support for developing countries’ mitigation and adaptation

Get involved & Take action on Climate Justice.

42:34 – Listener Feedback

  • Lots of shared disappointment about the US and Russia position on climate change/fossil fuels – including from @rachontheroam @lalilemmer @laetitia553 @cat_stalker @sarahmarie_breault and many others
  • Last week Robert Woolfe suggested taking time for yourself and being more resourceful. It seems that @thesimplebug told her friend @kamontoya to follow our tips this last weekend. Surprised and delighted that she in fact did just that!
  • The Briiv air filter has raised interest from @52waystosavetheplanet who is going to purchase one – so stay tuned for a more hands on review of that in future weeks
  • As a pre-cursor to our action this week we asked on Instagram where other people are going to shop. Please go and add your answers as we’d love to hear. @mnij_plastiku has already done that and suggested several local polish alternatives. We want more of that!
  • Finally loads of people liked Robert Woolfe suggestion of the Man Who Planted Trees, including @fortheanimals6 @verdureplanet @hunnygut_buckrut_ @pixelplanettodat @greenmadesimple @cookinglapassion @sydneys_sos @ecoforlife @forever_wraps and lots of others including @green_glen_eco who said he went to see this in Edinburgh as a play.

45:49 Behind the Scenes

The latest thoughts, plans and projects that are going on behind the scenes at the Green Elephant


47:09 Fact or Fake?

Paris agreement themed.

  1. 100% of the 195 countries in the world signed up to the Paris climate agreement
  2. The agreement provides for $100bn of funding every year from 2020 to support programmes and developing countries
  3. The Paris agreement is legally binding on those countries that have ratified it
  4. The Paris Climate agreement seeks to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees celcius from pre-industrial levels
  5. All countries have to review and reassess their commitment to the Paris agreement every 10 years

And finally:

51:43 – Gentoo penguins are four species, not one
52:32 – First polar bear cub born in UK for 25 years to leave Scotland for England

Thanks for listening to this weeks sustainability news.

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