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Green Elephant Show
Sustainability for rich only, Covid sustainability, Economic recovery, Gydeline simple business - Sustainability News for 19th May 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 19th May 2021.

Top stories:

01:04 As Israel and Palestine wage war, is sustainability just a rich world problem?
06:56 The India covid variant doesn’t care about sustainable travel
09:38 Economic recovery at the expense of everything?

Other News:

12:40 German government agrees on tougher climate targets
13:33 John Kerry: US climate envoy criticised for optimism on clean tech
15:03 Mexico City Could Sink Up to 65 Feet
16:00 Should Your Organization Declare A Climate Emergency?
17:58 Amazon Issues $1 Billion Sustainability Bond
19:45 ExxonMobil wants you to feel responsible for climate change so it doesn’t have to
21:20 Bitcoin Mining Operation Pledges to Be Entirely Carbon Neutral by Next Month
22:00 How big is Bitcoin’s carbon footprint?
23:10 Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin as payment for its cars.
24:00 Planting a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change
24:51 Bad science’: Planting frenzy misses the grasslands for the trees

27:25 Gydeline Simple Business

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36:05  Fact or Fake?

  1. According to the Plastic Waste makers index report published this week, South Korea is the country that produces the most single use plastic per capita
  2. RoyalDutch Shell is the greatest single-use plastic waste polluter in the world
  3. Just 30 global businesses responsible for 55% of the world’s plastic packaging waste

39:35  Play Your Carbon Right

  1. 1 year’s consumption of bread for an average person – more or less CO2e than:
  2. 4kW array of photovoltaic panels after 2 years use – more or less CO2e than:
  3. 11 tonne of ‘global average’ steel – 25% recycled – more or less CO2e than:
  4. Heart bypass operation

And finally:

43:05 ‘Tree farts’ increase emissions in ghost forests

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