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Green Elephant Show
Israel oil spill, Attenborough at UN, Oranges into electricity, Goat Playground - Sustainability News for 3rd March 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 3rd March 2021.

Since it’s B Corp month here at the Green Elephant Show, this week is all about the news – hopefully still fun! If you want facts, reviews and interviews take a look at our BCorps shows everyday in March.


01:20 – Israel places gag order on probe into oil spill that closed beaches and devastated wildlife
03:38 – Mayonnaise is saving sea turtles after an oil spill in Israel
05:02 – Apple forced to add iPhone and MacBook repairability scores to comply with French law
06:34 – Facebook Marketplace fuels illegal sales of land in the Amazon rainforest
07:50 – Biden’s Climate Envoy, at U.N., Likens Global Inaction to a “Suicide Pact”
07:50 – Climate change a grave threat to world peace, Johnson tells UN
07:50 – World risks “collapse of everything” without strong climate action, Attenborough warns Security Council
11:15 – Bill Gates calls on all the rich countries to change entirely to 100% lab-grown meat to save the planet from climate change disaster
12:18 – Plant-based meat doesn’t stack up as a planet saver, scientists warn
14:55 – A third of top UK firms’ CO2 emissions not in line with global climate goals
16:47 – Brazil Has Weakened Dozens of Environmental Laws During the Pandemic
18:26 – Iran proposes creating international fund for climate change
20:09 – Serbia adopts bill on climate change
21:39 – A role model: how Seville is turning leftover oranges into electricity
23:08 – HempWood offers a sustainable wood alternative with endless applications
25:20 – Sergey Brin’s airship aims to use world’s biggest mobile hydrogen fuel cell
26:46 – This browser extension shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech
30:06 – German forest decline hits record levels
31:18 – The City Where Cars Are Not Welcome
33:20 – How Smart Homes Lead to Greener Lifestyles


And finally:

34:54  – Adorable goat playground raises awareness of upcycling waste

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