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Green Elephant Show
Greta vs Biden, Worst climate commitment ever, ESG & compensation, Glowing sharks - Sustainability News for 10th March 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 10th March 2021.

Since it’s B Corp month here at the Green Elephant Show, this week is all about the news – hopefully still fun! If you want facts, reviews and interviews take a look at our BCorps shows everyday in March.


01:01 – B Corp month: The ethical and sustainable brands to know about
06:34 – Biden, Brazil and the Amazon
08:42 – A look at Biden’s expanding climate team
09:41 – Climate change: Kerry urges top polluters to cut emissions now
10:24 – Biden administration backs nation’s biggest wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard
11:08 – Greta Thunberg Says Science Shows Joe Biden Not Doing Enough on Climate Change
13:03 – Fighting climate change is now a job for the Bank of England
14:19 – Exxon Mobil’s Chief Says It Is ‘Supportive’ of Zero-Emission Goals
16:28 – Maersk to Launch World’s First Carbon Neutral Vessel in 2023, If Partners Play Along
17:59 – Chipotle Links Executive Compensation to ESG Goals
19:30 – Chevron, Microsoft and Others Form Partnership to Produce Carbon Negative Power
21:06 – Volvo Plans to Sell Only Electric Cars by 2030
22:36 – Yara invests in green ammonia for renewable energy
24:08 – ‘UK first’ nuclear fusion plan for Nottinghamshire power station
25:31 – HEMPEARTH: The World’s First Plane Made From And Powered By HEMP
26:50 – This map shows every one of the world’s remaining coal power plants
28:02 – Porsche to produce fuel ‘as clean’ as electric vehicles
30:06 – Waste survey finds >80% of food packaging unfit for home recycling
31:38 – Over half of global environmental defender murders in 2020 in Colombia: report
33:21 – Equivalent of Covid emissions drop needed every two years – study
35:12 – One of The Nation’s Largest Pipelines Caused The Biggest Spill in Decades–And We’re Just Hearing About It
37:08 – Air France jet painted green in eco-stunt


And finally:

38:32 – Glowing sharks found near New Zealand

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