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Green Elephant Show
Climate summit, India COVID emergency, Greedy ESL, Tentshare - Sustainability News for 28th April 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 28th April 2021.

Top stories:

01:21 Bolsonaro’s Sudden Pledge to Protect the Amazon Is Met With Skepticism
03:21 Biden Commits to Reducing GHG by as Much as 52% by 2030 during Two-Day Summit
03:21 Biden Pledges Rapid Decline of Fossil Fuel Use by US
05:17 China’s leader, Xi Jinping, promises to “strictly limit” coal.
07:02 Greta Thunberg warns US lawmakers over climate change
08:45 New triple COVID mutation found in India, here’s what we know of this new variant
14:20 European Super League: ‘A seismic, pivotal week in football – but game not yet over’

Other News:

19:18 M16 is ‘green spying’ on world’s biggest polluters to see climate commitments being met
20:15 Somehow, a majority of Americans still don’t think climate change will affect them
21:20 Why renewables can’t save the planet and how renewables destroy the environment to save the climate: An honest analysis from a lifelong environmentalist
22:58 Logitech Unveils Mouse Packaging with Carbon Impact Label; More Products to Follow
24:44 Twitter is Setting New, Science-Based Carbon Emission Targets
25:41 Grow Fragrance offers 100% non-toxic, plant-based candles and air fresheners
28:17 Construction to Begin on World’s Largest Liquid-Air Energy Storage Project
29:29 Now you can wash your clothes with recycled carbon emissions
31:20 First Round-the-World Hydrogen-Powered Vessel Journeys on Quest for Zero-Emission Shipping Industry

32:18 Interview with Tentshare

We welcome Rebecca Heaps from Tentshare onto the show to discuss their tent sharing service and the upcoming Tentival 2021.
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46:03  Fact or Fake?

  1. The process to get validated for Science Based Targets costs 1950USD
  2. Of the millions of companies in the world, just 6811 have set themselves Science Based Targets
  3. There are in fact no such things as Science Based Target and companies have to make up their own

50:07  Play Your Carbon Right

  1. Driving a mile in a mid-sized electric car – more or less CO2e than:
  2. 1 hour of browsing the internet on a laptop – more or less CO2e than:
  3. 10 inch pizza – Mighty Vegan (no cheese) collected, on foot, from a takeaway – more or less CO2e than:
  4. Box of 6 large chicken eggs

And finally:

54:23 We have a celebrity listener!

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