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Green Elephant Show
China & US collaborate on climate, Sports-washing, Spotify carbon removal, methane bombs - Sustainability News for 24th March 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 24th March 2021.

Since it’s B Corp month here at the Green Elephant Show, this week is all about the news – hopefully still fun! If you want facts, reviews and interviews take a look at our BCorps shows everyday in March.


01:02 – China says it will work with US on climate
03:03 – The US Wants the EU to Delay Imposing Trade Penalties on Carbon-Intensive Imports, But Is Considering Imposing Its Own
04:53 – Two states tax some drivers by the mile. Many more want to give it a try.
08:28 – The Texas Freeze Set Off a Methane Bomb
10:10 – Dell, Google, Others Join New Electronics Partnership to Develop Circular Economy
11:45 – Shopify Enters the Carbon Removal Game
13:43 – Assessment of Largest Emissions Polluting Companies Just Released
16:21 – Goodyear’s New Procurement Policy Demands Sustainable Practices from Soybean Suppliers
17:47 – Thinking Huts and Studio Mortazavi plan a 3D-printed school in Madagascar
19:27 – UK startup raises £8m of funding to convert CO2 into animal feed
20:48 – Major climate polluters accused of greenwashing with sports sponsorship
22:32 – Bottom trawling contributes more carbon emissions than air travel
24:16 – Why cloud seeding won’t reverse climate droughts
25:58 – Natural disasters occurring three times more often than 50 years ago: new FAO report

And finally:

26:55 – Scientists claim feeding cows seaweed could slash their methane emissions by a staggering 82 percent

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