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Bill Gates climate suggestions, Ikea forever furniture, MiApparel, Tyre recycling - Sustainability News 17th February

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 17th February 2021.

Top stories:

01:04 – Bill Gates: These 5 concepts will help you understand the urgency of the climate crisis
14:59 – Ikea’s Ambitious Plan To Make Its Cheap Furniture Last Forever

08:49 Challenge update

Education’s what you need!


The clearing or thinning of forests by humans and converting the land to any non-forest use.

In practice the clearing of all the trees from the land completely destroys the forest. In some cases, however, even partial logging and accidental fires thin out the trees enough to change the forest structure dramatically.


An eco-system is a where planets, animals and other living things combine with non-living elements such as soil, water and climate to form a dependent system.

A change in the relationship between any of the elements within an eco-system can have a dramatic or catastrophic effect on one or more of the elements.


A vague, non-specific term, with a latin origin meaning “house” – commonly used to refer to activities which don’t harm the environment

Avoid this term if you can as the person you are speaking to may interperet a different meaning to your intended one. Find a specific term to use instead.


The vaguest and most abused term in the environmental movement. It can mean anything and be used to provide mixed messages.

It generally refers to something or other to do with climate or maybe environmentalism or perhaps planet or maybe even people. . . then again is global warming green and what about sustainability. . . . .

Let us know what you would like explaining

Government News:

21:41 – Inside Clean Energy: How Norway Shot to No. 1 in EVs
24:20 – U.S. and Russia sign new maritime pollution agreement, conduct joint Bering Sea patrol
25:43 – Tanzania Approves a Cable Car on Kilimanjaro

Company News:

27:06 – Old Spice and Secret Launch Refillable Antiperspirant Cases Made with No Single-Use Plastic Packaging
27:38 – Coca-Cola turns to 100% recycled plastic bottles in U.S.
28:04 – LEGO Botanical Collection includes plant-based plastic blocks
29:30 – Shell says new “Brazil-sized” forest would be needed to meet 1.5C climate goal
30:38 – Jaguar to go all-electric by 2025 and full range of e-models by 2030

Sustainable Technology News:

31:25 – Bitcoin uses more energy than all of Argentina
32:46 – This startup turns hills into giant batteries
34:08 – Berlin’s New Timber Tower Comes With Lofty Ambitions
35:28 – The World’s First 3D-Printed Ribeye Steak Is Here (And Yes, You Can Eat It)

Other Sustainability News:

36:33 – Frozen wind turbines cause blackouts and leave more than 1 million Texans without power as generation capacity reduced to 50%
37:53 – Oxford scientists say plant-based meats produce the same amount of CO2 emissions as chicken
38:42 – How a coin for Carbon could save the world
39:58 – Climate crisis pushing great white sharks into new waters

40:54 Interview with Kate Auguste from MiApparel

We welcome Kate Auguste to discuss sustainable fashion, supply chains and lockdown book clubs!

Find Miapparel: Instagram | Facebook |Twitter | Website

Kate recommends the following books:

59:26 Behind the Scenes

Next month is BCorp month and we have a superb range of BCorp guests lined up for the show. Every day in March we’ll be bringing you an interview with some very well known and not so well known names from the BCorp community. Are you a BCorp and want to get involved? Get in touch and be on the show.
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01:01:45  Fact or Fake?

Fashion themed:

  1. Just 3% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing at the end of life
  2. A polyester shirt has double the carbon footprint of a cotton shirt
  3. The ethical clothing market increased in value by 10% last year
  4. 60% of leading clothing retailers believed there was modern slavery going on somewhere in their supply chain
  5. 2,000 different chemicals are used in textile processing, yet only 16 are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency

And finally:

01:06:33 – Michelin Begins Construction on its First Tire Recycling Plant

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