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Biden sued for tackling climate change, Right to repair, Vegan hospital, Single use is better - Sustainability News for 17th March 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 17th March 2021.

Since it’s B Corp month here at the Green Elephant Show, this week is all about the news – hopefully still fun! If you want facts, reviews and interviews take a look at our BCorps shows everyday in March.


01:10 – Twelve states are suing Biden’s administration over executive order on climate change
02:22 – U.S. must slash emissions by at least 57% to meet Paris climate target: report
03:55 – Biden hires carbon tax expert in race for climate plan
05:34 – Countries Tried to Curb Trade in Plastic Waste. The U.S. Is Shipping More.
07:05 – The Australian government unveils plan to end plastic pollution
08:14 – The state of green business report 2021
10:43 – UK citizens get the right to repair
12:32 – Booming Electric-Vehicle Demand Supercharges Lithium Prices
13:46 – Petaluma becomes first US city to ban construction of new gas stations
14:34 – Why Japan Is Holding Back as the World Rushes Toward Electric Cars
16:41 – Electric cars are “biggest problem” to promoting cycling and walking – Boardman
17:53 – “Carbon-absorbing” vertical forest skyscraper nears completion in Taipei
19:49 – Humans throw away TOO MUCH CRAP IT HAS TO STOP
20:49 – What’s the carbon footprint of lab-grown meat?
22:29 – Lebanese hospital is world’s first to go vegan
23:44 – The Amazon used to be ‘the lungs of the planet.’ Not anymore
25:00 – Hawaii: flooding forces evacuations as officials warn ‘this is climate change’
26:30 – Fukushima’s tragic legacy – radioactive soil, ongoing leaks, and unanswered questions
27:39 – How Fukushima triggered Germany’s nuclear phaseout
28:26 – Paper-based single-use tableware more sustainable than reusable, says report


And finally:

30:10 – Shoe Zone announces Terry Boot as next finance boss – replacing Peter Foot

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