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Biden begins, twitter misinformation, Dr Shahir Masri, Climate Adaption Summit - Sustainability News 27th January

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 27th January 2020.

Top stories:

01:11 – Secretary-General welcomes US return to Paris Agreement on Climate Change
01:11 – Biden returns US to Paris climate accord hours after becoming president
02:54 – Joe Biden’s Cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline Is a Landmark in the Climate Fight
03:00 – Biden’s first 100 days: What’s coming on energy
04:36 – With a new administration, activists hope for a focus on environmental racism
22:00 – Twitter Bots Are a Major Source of Climate Disinformation

07:37  Climate Adaption Summit 2021

Political leaders from around the world appeared online for the first Climate Adaptation Summit on Monday aimed at preparing the planet for the effects of the climate crisis. The list of speakers included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The summit is being hosted by the Netherlands.
Key Quotes:
Merkel – “Mitigating climate change and its impacts is made easier if we trust that we are all pulling in the same direction in a spirit of partnership around the world,” she said.
Macron – “In the North and in the South, we must rethink infrastructures, roads, ports in view of rising sea levels, violent weather events, the rise in average temperatures and related changes in the ecosystem,” he said.
Kerry – “We’re proud to be back (in the Paris climate accord). We come back, I want you to know, with humility, for the absence of the last four years, and we’ll do everything in our power to make up for it.”
Summary – as good as it can be for an online only event. Will anything change? Probably not . . .nothing really concrete announced and conversations were broad and general. Lacked the international powerhouses that we’re going to get in COP26. As an in person event it would have been brilliant for making contacts but that kinda doesn’t work online in the same way.

16:10 Challenge update

Our January Tech challenge draws to a close . . .
  • Apple 5S phone – no one wanted it!
What’s up for Feb?
  • Sustainable Education challenge – explaining to listeners and followers as many sustainability terms as we can in as simple and memorable way as possible.
Let us know what you would like explaining

Company News:

26:14 – ADIDAS: From Recycling to Bonds
27:45 – Disney to shoot climate change drama at Svalbard
29:13 – Toyota-Backed Paris Venture Targets 10,000 Hydrogen Taxis by 2024
30:03 – JUSU turns juicing by-products into all-natural home and body care items
31:29 – Boeing Commits to Deliver Commercial Airplanes Ready to Fly on 100% Sustainable Fuels
32:30 – EY Announces Ambition to be Carbon Negative in 2021

Sustainable Technology News:

34:02 – Cobalt-free batteries will make EVs more affordable
34:53 – Global sales of electric cars accelerate fast in 2020 despite pandemic
36:47 – Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced
37:48 – New major wind power plant in Murmansk might produce green hydrogen

Other Sustainability News:

40:18 – Decline in Animals
41:13 – Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction
41:44 – A quarter of all known bee species haven’t been seen since the 1990s
42:12 – Reindeer need infrastructure, too. These bridges are just for them
43:50 – Survey Finds Consumers Show ‘Strong Preference’ for Paper Packaging over Plastic
45:03 – Elon Musk to offer $100 million prize for ‘best’ carbon capture tech
46:15 – Climate Change Is Worsening. So the Weather Station Is Singing About It.

47:07 Interview with Dr Shahir Masri

We welcome University of California profession, Dr Shahir Masir on the show to discuss all things air pollution, climate change and myths. We talk about his Fast Facts, The Power of One, On the Road to Climate Action and book: Beyond Debate – 50 Misconceptions About Climate Change .

Find Shahir: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Youtube | Website

Other links: Road for Climate Action | Fast Facts | The Power of One

Get Shahir’s book – Beyond Debate

Shahir recommends:
Long Thaw: How Humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of Earth’s Climate – David Archer
Eaarth – Making a Life on a Tough New Planet – Bill McKibben
Storms of My Grandchildren – James Hansen

01:15:03 Feedback

Kelly Hancock (@walk_the_amazon) is doing a walking challenge to raise money for Amazon Conservation Association. So far she has walked 1.4 million of the 3.4million miles needed. Please do give her your support.

01:16:42 Recommendation

Go and take a look at the Climate Town Youtube channel for some good, alternative videos on climate issues.

01:17:43 Fact or Fake?

Misinformed tweets

  1. Global warming’s for real y’all. Someday there won’t be any rappers with ice in their names. Only water. Water-T. Water Cube. Vanilla Water.
  2. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a deeply offensive song about climate change denial.
  3. We’re in the exact point of climate change as when Yosemite Sam runs off the cliff but hasn’t looked down yet
  4. 91% of the world’s population are exposed to air pollution above the WHOs suggested level – NONE ARE IN THE USA!
  5. So happy that USA has finally rejoined the Paris Agreement. Welcome back!

And finally:

01: 21:53 – Need a bike helmet? ‘Grow It Yourself’ with mycelium
01: 23:04 – Could contraception for pigeons be a humane option for population control?

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