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001 Working from home – Going home, when it isn’t away from work

Green Elephant Show
Green Elephant Show
001 Working from home - Going home, when it isn't away from work


In this episode Russell and Mike discuss the issue of the moment for many people – working from home! Between them your hosts already have 30 years of experience of working from home themselves and managing a home based/remote workforce.

We discuss the implications for saving money, premises, flexibility and carbon reduction. However there is a balance to be struck and so the downsides of increased costs, work-life balance and mental health are also discussed.

Take away actions
  • People working from home – establish a space to work, set time to turn off
  • Small Business Owners – schedule and take holidays, have a tech-free break
  • Bigger businesses – look after your people better – spend that saved money on establishing methods of managing a dispersed workforce


01:45 – The upside of home based working
05:45 – The downside of working at home
10:15 – Striking a balance
14:57 – Ways to improve home working

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Special thanks as always to Harriet Teagle for her Green Elephant artwork.