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Vision and Purpose

A Vision reveals what an organisation most hopes to be and what they want to achieve in the long term. However, it is not always on the tip of your tongue.  Many organisational leaders are so focused on delivering the day-to-day ‘mission’ that they rarely spend the time to think of the distant future. 

The best organisations are becoming purpose-led, ensuring that they balance environmental and social responsibilities whilst prospering financially.

We help you discover and explain your purposeful vision.  


Values and Ethics

We all have personal Core Values. They are the things that we find most important and influence our decision making and life choices.  Organisational Values  help you realise your Vision and Purpose.

Values unclutter your thinking, providing guidance in difficult situations and forging lasting relationships with those around you.  People will gravitate towards you if your Values are aligned to their own.  However, if your Values are unclear, then you could be seen as hiding something or lacking substance.

We reveal your true values and help you align and refine them with your people.


Rules and Regulations

Every organisation has rules to follow.  They may the laws of the countries in which you operating, standards required in your industry or policies which you have chosen to adopt.

Understanding the complex and inter-connected requirements of these rules can be exhausting but the best businesses continually strive to be compliant and continuously improve.

We assist you to understand your specific needs, then becoming and staying compliant.


Targets and Measures

We all need something to aim for.  Otherwise, you become, literally, aimless!  Setting specific, achievable, appropriate and exciting targets that won’t create habits that hurt you elsewhere is a huge challenge.  However, before you can target something you first need to understand how to know you are improving.

We help businesses set collaborative, exciting and inspiring measures which serve to keep their purpose and vision front and centre and provide continuous, sustainable improvement.



The organisation in an Organisation is rarely perfect.  How decisions are made, risks are assessed, communications are delivered and teams are structured are just some of the aspects which need significant and regular attention.

Understanding and documenting how things are organised is a great start and then changing the way you do things to be more efficient, purposeful, innovative and effective can reap amazing rewards.  We can help you find the best organisation for yours.

Process & Procedure?

Processes and Procedures

Everything you do is a process.  From getting up in the morning to hiring a new employee!  Understanding, documenting, refining and communicating business processes effectively is key to ensure efficient running of an organisation.  

Ensuring that things are done in the best order and minimising waste is so important in a modern company.  So both processes and the procedures, or step by step instructions, which need to undertaken constantly and consistently are key to achieve high quality outputs.

We help businesses refine and document their activities to make them simpler and better.



A system is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.  Processes and Procedures are integral parts of your system as is the range of technological devices and software, which are sometimes also called systems.  Confusing to say the least.

We can help you understand the relationships between your disparate ‘systems’, eliminate duplication, redundancy and waste and leave you with a technological setup that feels like it was purpose-built just for your organisation.




Whether your a multi-national company or a one-person start-up there are a number of roles that need to be fulfilled.  Finance Director, Bookkeeper, Cleaner, Engineer. The list is long and varied.  Defining and ensuring these roles are adequately covered is key to ensuring that the organisation does things correctly and completely.

Identifying the needed roles, skills and capacity is something we can help with.  There may even be a few roles which we can fill for you too.



Finding the best suppliers and then ensuring that you maintain a great relationship takes more work than many organisations give to it.

We can help you specify what you need, assess prospective suppliers based on your requirements, undertake the needed checks to ensure that they can do what they say they can do and help you implement some robust monitoring to ensure that issues don’t get out of hand and that the relationship always remains win-win.

How Gydeline helps

We, at Gydeline, help small and medium sized organisations save money and time by building systems, processes and policies that simplify their business and support their sustainability aims.  We do this with a range of services.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of dealing with this and other risks in your business we are always happy to offer some, free, no obligation assistance – just contact us.

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