Compliance Software Tutorials

Introduction to Gydeline

A 6 minute walk-through the basics of using the Gydeline software service.

Getting Started

What to expect when using Gydeline for the very first time. Here’s how to complete the couple of basic startup steps.

Adding Users

A short guide on how to add extra users to your organisations account within the Gydeline software.

Completing an assessment

Another short tutorial video on how to complete your first assessment in the Gydeline software.

The Dashboard

A tour of the features and functionality within the Gydeline dashboard.

Adding Suppliers & Partners

Following the adding users video, this short film explains the small difference when adding partners or suppliers who might need to access to multiple Gydeline customers.

Our GDPR Journey

Welcome to the Dashboard

We've started to populate your Dashboard based on the questions you've answered so far

Depending on what information you’ve given us, we’ve made some estimates on your compliance and actions. 
Completing more assessments is the next step in reducing the actions you currently have.

Here’s a 4-minute video tour of the dashboard, if you fancy a watch