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Our GDPR Journey #11 – Rights

Enabling the rights of data subjects is perhaps one of the most important aspects of GDPR. In this video we talk about how we have done this. The three basic steps are:

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Keeping your, and your family's, personal data safe is important

Why should you and your family care about your personal data?

You may have seen the initials GDPR popping up in the news, on your social feeds and possibly even at work.  The letters stand for the General Data Protection Regulation.  You may have skipped over it because it sounded boring, or the article was for businesses, or you don’t have anything

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Our GDPR Journey #3 – Data Mapping

In this video we examine more closely that activity required to perform a simple data mapping exercise. The steps outlined here will be the same for organisations of most sizes, with possible differences in the number of systems and processes and depth of detail. A data map isn’t required by

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