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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 2

BSS2 – Mama Mia

Reading Time: 12 mins Diving into launching the business, by starting in partial competition with her father, Zelda considers some brave steps. However, striking up a business relationship with Jakob means having to make some sacrifices.

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Blue Sky Stinking Episode 1

BSS1 – The Winner Takes It All

Reading Time: 12 mins Mike Saville and Russell Cosway from Gydeline introduce the first episode of the Blue Sky Stinking podcast and discuss topics raised, including, good reasons for starting a business, getting sound advice and benefiting from mentoring and coaching.

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The worst way to start a business

Worst Way to Start A Business

Reading Time: 2 mins You hate your boss, your tired of putting all the hours in and getting no recognition, you think you can do a better job! All good reasons for maybe a change in job but to start a business will take patience, learning and some good old hard work.

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The Best Business Start-up... ever?

Best Business Startup… Ever?

Reading Time: 2 mins hat does it take to create the best business startup. The Blue Sky Stinking podcast learns from Sydeline to provide advice on how you could achieve it.

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