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Change is the law of Life

“Change is the law of life”

For a US President who served less than 3 years in office, John F Kennedy is well quoted. He uttered the words “Change is the law of life” in an address in Frankfurt six months before his assassination. The quote continues: Change is the law of life. And those who look

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Snow can have amazing effects

Snow… makes you think

It’s a funny thing snow. I think I can say that most people in the UK long to have a snow day with sledging, snowballs, silence and some time off (such alliteration!).  There is also a purity about it.  As it lays its white carpet, it can get you thinking about the wonderful

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Involvement is the best route to embed learning

Simple GDPR Awareness

Take a simple first step to GDPR awareness Tell someone about GDPR… Go on… Do it… Now!  That is an important first step in beginning to create GDPR awareness. If you are interested in how the General Data Protection Regulation affects you personally, you may be interested in our article Why should you

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Compliance equals Gravity times Data to the power of Processes divided by Resistance to change cubed

The Equation of Compliance

Can there be an equation for compliance? As in mathematical formulas, there is a balance in compliance that needs to be resolved.  Every organisation needs to understand what is required of them; what regulations and standards are applicable (Gravity) and understand what are the affected assets (Data in this case). 

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A business needs to make more than just money to be worthwhile

Money shouldn’t be the only goal

I’m sure when Henry Ford said these words he had no idea that a finance industry would grow so take such a significant role in world economics.  I don’t believe that he was solely referring to the manufacturing of quality motor cars either.  Every business need to ‘make’ people happier – consumers,

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GDPR: what is required?

Sometimes you can take a quick look at something and you fill in the gaps with what you know it should say – especially with things that are particularly familiar.  The familiar can change and it could be so easy to miss it – Did you spot the deliberate error

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Laws should be observed

Observing Law or Seizing Power?

How many of us are going to actually seize power… really?  Many would like to see a major change in government and legislative oversight.  The reality is that our involvement in a political coup is highly unlikely. However, there’s always the danger of breaking laws in other ways.  Not observing law

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Giraffes Daren’t Play Roulette

Are you gambling on GDPR? “Evolution is so creative. That’s how we got giraffes.” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr., A Man Without a Country Roulette – game of chance played at a table marked off with numbers and colours and having in the center a revolving wheel into which a small ball is

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Build your organisation on compliance, don't lay it on top as it will just be a burden, not a support

Being compliant should be foundational not a facade

Keeping in line with regulations and standards does tend to be an afterthought for many, if not most, organisations.  It is felt by many that focusing on being compliant stifles innovation and growth.  However, is that a reasonable approach to starting and running with an idea? “If you have built

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