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What are the keystones in business?

Understand the business assets beyond the balance sheet? Think Keystones

Reading Time: 5 mins To be in ‘control’ of your organisation you need to ‘understand’ what makes it up. The Keystones are a logical grouping of elements that support your organisation. Keystones provide a structure, support prioritising and makes sure you’ve considered everything before starting your Initiatives for improvement.

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Contacts are an Organisational Keystone

Contacts help your vision – in your organisation, not your eyes

Reading Time: 3 mins Do you perceive your Contacts as an important organisational Keystone?  You should, as without them you wouldn’t have customers, suppliers or be successful.  What is the Contacts Keystone and how is it applicable to you and your organisation? It’s easy to think that Contacts is a list of names and

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Brand is an Organisational Keystone

Your organisation has a personality… It’s your brand that people see

Reading Time: 3 mins Brand can mean many different things and be viewed diversely.  Do you give your brand and reputation the appropriate attention?  What elements does the Brand Keystone include? We are all Brand aware.  McDonalds, John Lewis, Aldi, HM Government, Harrods.  All these carry a picture in our heads and a perception

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Intellectual Property is an Organisational Keystone

Everything begins with an idea. It’s when Intellectual Property is born

Reading Time: 3 mins The Intellectual Keystone is regularly misunderstood and underestimated.  Does your organisation have information, designs or unique facilities on which it’s success relies?  Is there a secret recipe or technique that needs to be kept safe.  The Intellectual Keystone might be more important than you think. You may have a logo

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Information is an Organisational Keystone

Information is not knowledge. Information is the source of knowledge and essential to your mission

Reading Time: 3 mins Information is the lifeblood of every organisation.  No organisation can exist without Information and it requires quite specific care and attention.  There is a wide range of elements the Information Keystone includes. Information does not always get the respect and attention it deserves.  Laws regarding personal data has helped shift

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