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Keeping your, and your family's, personal data safe is important

Why should you and your family care about your personal data?

You may have seen the initials GDPR popping up in the news, on your social feeds and possibly even at work.  The letters stand for the General Data Protection Regulation.  You may have skipped over it because it sounded boring, or the article was for businesses, or you don’t have anything

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ICO GDPR awareness campaign is good news

It’s been a long time coming, but with a little over two months until the GDPR becomes enforceable, it’s good to see that the Information Commissioners Office has finally taken action to raise awareness. Aimed primarily at small and micro businesses, the ICO has released a series of images and

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Our GDPR Journey #3 – Data Mapping

In this video we examine more closely that activity required to perform a simple data mapping exercise. The steps outlined here will be the same for organisations of most sizes, with possible differences in the number of systems and processes and depth of detail. A data map isn’t required by

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Guidance - Data Portability Requirements (GDPR)

Guidance on Data Portability now in Gydeline

Hopefully you are aware that the GDPR (or UK Data Protection Bill) is not a static regulation. Several sets of guidance have been issued by the regulators and more are due to follow. It is therefore very important that this guidance is read, understood and followed as it will provide clarity

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Data Access vs Data Portability

Context: In order to further promote transparency and clarity the information which individuals can receive should be clearly explained. The Article 29 Working Party (European Data Protection Board) recommends in particular that the difference between the types of data that an individual can receive using the portability right or the access

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Our GDPR Journey #1 – Introduction

This is the start of a series of video logs that will completely and openly show our GDPR Journey. We know that many of our customers face the same issues as us. By seeing how we deal with the required actions we hope to make the journey of compliance simpler

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Snow can have amazing effects

Snow… makes you think

It’s a funny thing snow. I think I can say that most people in the UK long to have a snow day with sledging, snowballs, silence and some time off (such alliteration!).  There is also a purity about it.  As it lays its white carpet, it can get you thinking about the wonderful

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Simple GDPR documentation

It can seem quite daunting, trying to understand which documents are required as part of the GDPR. Part of the ongoing mission here at Gydeline is to make things as simple as possible. The assessment below will only take a couple of minutes to complete but will give you an

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