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Personal-Data-holics Anonymous – the 12 steps

There are so many flights of steps* to GDPR compliance being publicised currently, all with valid guidance, but missing that little something – history.  However, there have been 12 tried and tested steps in circulation for around 70 years, and with some modification, the Alcoholics Anonymous approach has some surprisingly

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Simple GDPR Overview

There are many, many GDPR overview pieces available online . . . . here’s ours. We have aimed to make this as clear and straightforwards as possible. We have tried not to use jargon and to explain things in a way that makes sense for small and medium sized business

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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Context: The data protection impact assessment is the key documentary requirement which arises in the GDPR. It’s purpose is to ensure that risks to the personal information of individuals have been considered and, where risks are identified, mitigated. It is a mandatory requirement in some instances but is advised across

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GDPR: what is required?

Sometimes you can take a quick look at something and you fill in the gaps with what you know it should say – especially with things that are particularly familiar.  The familiar can change and it could be so easy to miss it – Did you spot the deliberate error

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